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  1. muggle


    Does anyone read "Westerns" besides abecedarian and me. If you are interested i strongly recommend a Trilogy written about Mountain Men. This is not a cowboy type western but is more like historical fiction. "The Big Sky", written over 60 years ago, was the first of the Trilogy written by A.B...
  2. muggle

    Party On The Forum

    We need to have a party on the Forum. But of course, it has to be organised. I nominate Sofia, Dogma, and Mehastings to supply the drinks. Who's going to volunteer to provide the necessary food things. And most importantly, we require a driver to drive a car into the swimming...
  3. muggle

    Mickey Spillane

    I read in the paper his past week where Mickey Spillane died. May he R.I.P. http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=16937465&BRD=2081&PAG=461&dept_id=385210&rfi=6
  4. muggle

    Giving Back To The Community

    Do you give back to the Community where you live by volunteering your time and services. Example; homeless shelters, food banks, literacy and learning, healthcare, etc......the list goes on and on of ways to help those less fortunate. I am curious how many perform volunteer work.....or are we...
  5. muggle

    Happy Birthday Sofia

    Well actually it is tomorrow (Wednesday, June 21st) but i wanted to be the first to wish her a Happy Birthday. I hope you have a nice day Sofia and many more Happy Birthdays to come.
  6. muggle

    The Over The Hill Gang

    Yesterday, while grocery shopping i bought The Over The Hill Gang and The Return Of The Over The Hill Gang, both on one CD for $4.99. It stars 3 of my favorites, Walter Brennan, Chill Wills, and Andy Devine. Tonight we are going to watch the movies.
  7. muggle

    Everything Wine

    Dogmatix recommended that a topic be started on Wine, so I am starting one. The intent is to discuss "anything and everything" related to wine. I will start with 3 wines that I bought yesterday, all Spanish white wines, although I haven't tasted any of them yet. 2004 Nora Albarino - $13.99...
  8. muggle

    mehastings - Floods & Storm

    Are you surviving the rain and floods ok in your neck of the woods. I talked with my Aunt in York, Maine and she told me she has never seen so much rain in her entire life, and she is in her 80's.
  9. muggle

    GD Running In The Boston Marathon

    OK, this is what grandparents are for, to talk about their grandkids.:) My granddaughter is running in the Boston Marathon on Monday. She is excited, I am excited, we all are excited. I hope she is able to finish the 26.2 mile race. She is confident that she will finish and do well...
  10. muggle

    About me

    As some of you know. We are in the process of selling our house. Yesterday I was cleaning out a storage area and came across a box filled with stuff that my parents had kept from my school years. Now, I am an "old geezer" and the stuff goes back many years. I found this piece of paper that our...
  11. muggle

    Easter Dinner

    What will you have for Easter Dinner. Do you have anything traditional. We will be spending Easter all by ourselves, just the 2 of us. Our meal will be our traditional: Baked ham. (wife has a new recipe to try) Potato salad. Home baked beans. Pickled eggs with beets. (I love them with...
  12. muggle

    Baseball - Discussion (any team/any year)

    For SFG75 and sofia........the 1986 N.Y. Mets starting lineup. Can you name the 4th starting pitcher. C Gary Carter 1B *Keith Hernandez 2B #Wally Backman 3B Ray Knight SS Rafael Santana OF *Lenny Dykstra OF *Darryl Strawberry OF #Mookie...
  13. muggle

    Time Oddity

    This doesn't really deserve a thread of its own but I didn't know where to stick it, no smart answers now.:) On Wednesday of this week, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03, 04/05/06. That won't ever happen again. You may now...
  14. muggle

    China Plans To Build 32 New Nuclear Plants

    http://pepei.pennnet.com/News/Display_News_Story.cfm?Section=WireNews&SubSection=HOME&NewsID=131524 China plans to build 32 new Nuclear Plants in the nest 15 years. Building those plants may significantly help their energy problem. What is your opinion on whether or not more Nuclear Plants...
  15. muggle

    Contest - NCAA Tournament "Pickems"

    Post your picks for the NCAA Basketball Tournament, both the men's tournament and the women's tournament.. We will keep the contest simple. Pick the sixteen teams you think will make it to the Sweet Sixteen, of those teams the 8 teams that will make it to the round of eight, of those the 4 teams...
  16. muggle

    march madness

    anyone interested in picking the teams to reach the "Sweet Sixteen, Final Eight, Final Four, Chanpionship game and National Champ". If there is interest we could set up a point system for both the Men's and Women's playoffs.
  17. muggle

    Sports - Do You Enjoy

    Are there any sports that you enjoy and are a fan, ie, baseball, basketball, motorsports, etc.
  18. muggle

    Dana Reeves Dies

    It wasn't too long ago that Dana and Chris Reeves were living on top of the world. How fast things change. It is a shame for their lives to end at such a young age. RIP Dana Reeves.
  19. muggle

    Young at Heart

    This is a good article by a friend of mine in Canada. You only live once - go for it!' Lotus Elise coupe captures heart of grandmother, 72 http://www.racerchicks.com/auto/Elise_Bryson.html
  20. muggle

    Here's To Your Health

    How many of you are concerned about your health and practice good health care such as exercise, diet, monitoring your cholesterol, etc. I exercise daily by walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes at a speed of 4.0 mph. I also have a preventive health care check-up every 6 months and monitor...