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  1. Scratchy

    What Would You Do?

    Imagine spending the last 4 years in a foreign country, and that you now have 2 more weeks in that country before heading off home for good. How would you spend those last 2 weeks and what would you do to fill up the time that would otherwise be spent sulking in depression? Suggestions...
  2. Scratchy

    Jim Crace

    Picked up Quarantine at a secondhand bookstore while on a quest for a new author (new to me, not new per se). Really enjoyed reading it until the end, which left much to be desired. The ending felt rushed, as if he was eager to get the story over and done with; the story had a lot of potential...
  3. Scratchy

    Help with getting the best translation

    Does anyone know how to go about getting the best translation of a foreign work? There are a few books that I want to get but am afraid of getting because I'm always paranoid that there might be a better translation out there. Especially for classic works (e.g. Don Quixote) that have several...
  4. Scratchy

    *Looking upwards*: "Thank You..."

    I've been looking around for an online literary community for soooOOOooOOooo long now and can't believe haven't stumbled across this site till now. Why am I always looking in the WRONG directions?! I just signed up and wanted to give a big, effusive, extremely grateful Hello to everyone here...