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    I am a bit surprised to find no mention anywhere of this genre, except for Wabbit’s saying that he doesn’t care for it. Well, very few are very good, but a few are as good as anything mainstream. Here are three: Warlock, by Oakley Hall. Hall has taken bits of history, people who lived and...
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    Question for Louisianans

    Cajunmama, I didn’t know Cajuns were portrayed as buffoonss. Can’t remember ever seeing them portrayed at all, actually. All I know is the food is hot and spicy, and I like it like that; and the music, which I hear sometimes on a radio program I listen to. Someone else (I think it was...
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    Another Ragged Old Man

    Not a story, this; just a piece of prose. From a longer piece about a child who, by virtue of some strange magic she owns, brings about a change in the mood and fortune of everyone with whom she comes in contact. AN OLD MAN IN AN UNFAMILIAR CITY was as unhappy the day he met Wenjijaalen...
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    Christmas Concert

    I was inspired to post this piece by SillyWabbit’s Anne And Her Stories. It is in no way similar, except that its central character is a kid who likes to tell stories. And to sing, and dance, make drawings and play games. One who says to hell with mopping floors and scrubbing pots. Unlike...
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    with apologies to Dorothea…

    Jones and Laws are local radio shock-jocks. Large frogs in a small pool, so I suppose not known out there in the wider world. Lambs of some other God I love a redneck country A land of Jones and Laws Inspiring mass mediocrity Chanting three bags full sir lies. I live in a stolen...