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  1. hay82

    Belated happy birthday Crystal

    I know it's a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Crystal.
  2. hay82

    Suicidal Creativity

    Reading about different authors who chose to commit suicide made me think about if there is a possible connection between creativiti and depression. I found this: I also seem to remember reading something that depression could make some people more creative. What do you think, do you become...
  3. hay82

    Strange call .. help

    Very strange post, but you are the only ones I know who have any chance of telling me what this means. Today someone called my mobile, but I wasn't nearby so I didn't answer, then I got an sms from the same number. Now people who know me might find the fact that someone wanted to contact me...
  4. hay82

    Wolves of the Calla 18CC HB BIN

    I was just looking for Stephen King's Dark Tower series, but unfortunately they didn't have book one, where I usually by my books online. What I did find though, was book 5(?) Wolves of the Calla costing about 580£ (845 EUR / 1090 USD) and I was wondering why it should cost that much? I guess...
  5. hay82

    Things I can do without

    Right this is perhaps a bit more odd post that usual or perhaps not. If anyone has a problem with things of a sexual nature don't read on.. :) It's the middle of the night and I've happily gone to bed. My roommate has been to a party and comes home, makes a lot of noise before he goes to bed...
  6. hay82

    Promoting books.

    Does anyone of you ever visit the sites that are sometimes posted by the always wonderful new authors(publisher or whoever does that) who have written the novel that is going to change the world?
  7. hay82

    Deviant Behaviour

    I've recently been studying a bit of sociology, part of it about deviant behaviour. What do you consider deviant behaviour, I don't mean when people deviate from the law or a set of norms, but when they deviate from folkways. This it not really something big, but it makes people seems strange...
  8. hay82

    Only have eyes for you

    Humandescent :D
  9. hay82

    I don't get it..

    I was trying to find something interesting on TV the other day. I didn't succeed and insted caught about five minutes of a show on MTV (can they call it Music TV?) called pimp up you ride, or something like that. Beside the fact that the program was completly stupid, I began wondering how it...
  10. hay82

    Favorite song lyrics

    I have recently begun reading the lyrics to the songs I normally listen to, and I have found out that there are actually some lyrics I like. So I was wondering, what is your favorit song lyric is right now, post it for all to see. Right now this if my favorite. Pink Floyd - Mother...
  11. hay82

    Easter Egg

    Here you go. All for you. Easter Egg
  12. hay82


    When you meet someone new and start to get to know them, you make assumptions about them, I don't think its possible to avoid judging people even if you want to. No matter how open-minded you are, you will still have some sort of prejudice toward the unknown and I think this will influence the...
  13. hay82

    Life is a dream

    I have come to the conclusion that life is a dream. You are all part of my dream, figments of my twisted imagination. Everything you say or do is really just something I make you do in my dream. To die is just to start another dream, if there even is such a thing as dying or is it just...
  14. hay82

    28 days..

    Saw this commercial on the forum.. :D "You can write your next book or script in UNDER 28 DAYS, working 1 hour a day max. And that's 100% guaranteed!" The why do I have to wait two years for book four in "A Song of Fire and Ice"? Are authors just to lazy to work that one hour a day...
  15. hay82


    I was just thinking that what the bookforum really need is an initiation thingy of new members to make them prove that they are really worthy of our company. I have thought of a few things we could make them do. 1. Spend one night naked in the haunted corner. 2. Steal Wabbit's last...
  16. hay82

    Forum party.

    Its saturday, time to have a party and go nuts. I have beer, who has the chips and some music.. Who'll first get drunk enough to strip on the table..?
  17. hay82

    I like you..

    I like you Press the red button..
  18. hay82

    Behaviour of the faceless man.

    Behaviour of the faceless man or woman. I've just finished writing a report(not sure thats what its called) about democracy and we had a part in it about how the internet could be used for democratic purposes. The part about the internet focused on forums as a possible democratic gain, with its...
  19. hay82

    How do you listen to music?

    I realised a while back that my roommate and I listen to music very differently. He listens to the lyrics and sort of concentrate on the meaning, while I just use the music as backgroundsounds to let my thoughts drift. I can sing along an entire song without having a clue as to what the song is...
  20. hay82


    What did little old santa have for you this christmas? This year I managed only to get books and what could be better? The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi (nice pocketsize) William Blake Collected Poems, Edited by W. B. Yeats The Art of War by Sun Tzu Byzantine Armies 886 - 1118...