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Search results

  1. Kaz

    Happy Birthday Silly Wabbit!

    Happy Birthday to you!! I know you celebrate your birthday Wabbit Party in Bareclona!! :p
  2. Kaz

    What things you can't live without?

    I can't live without books, my moblie and pc computer for internet. What about you?
  3. Kaz

    Oooohhhh thunderstorms

    Here are thunderstorms, the lightening went flash! Thank god for rain to keep cool. I can't stand humity. I have noticed this weather happens here nearly everyday. :eek:
  4. Kaz

    Ira Levin

    Been to cinema to see 'The Stepford Wives' today. I really enjoyed this film. Anybody read his book? I may buy one of his book to read. I never read his so what do you recommended?
  5. Kaz

    Wasp stung

    At work, I was filming a play somehow a wasp played with me which interupt me. ( I thought it was fly) I was mad to shove it away. Then a wasp stung my arm. I was moaned and agony ( big word for you, not for me :D ) :( . I was rushed off to chemist to get a spray to reduce it down. I want your...
  6. Kaz

    Happy Birthday Halo!!

    Happy Birthday Halo!! Have fun!!! Hope you get lot of books!! :D Kaz :D
  7. Kaz

    What's your favourite events?

    Mine's Christmas. Enjoy to spend with family and friends. Loads of presents.
  8. Kaz

    Have you broken....

    part of your body? I had my wrist broken when I was 4 years old. I was at my grandparents house. I played outside, fell over and roll over to twist my wrist. :( Other incident was my thumb fracture when I played fight with my friend. :rolleyes: My parents don't believe me as they think...
  9. Kaz

    Question Game

    Each pperson have to answer the question and then create a new question. Enjoy it. What's your achievement?
  10. Kaz

    Will you vote this year?

    I am interesting to see your comments. Will you vote this year? I think I may not. Cos all the politicals are same. There are small progress recently. They are concentrate on war all the time. There are waste of money on war.There are that I feel they should concentrate to improve NHS, Education...
  11. Kaz

    The Spiderwick

    Anybody read these books? I read this book, first one. It seems good. I will buy second ones.
  12. Kaz

    What's your favourite cheesecake?

    Mine's lemon cheesecake! Yummy!!
  13. Kaz

    Desktop went mad!!

    Desktop went mad!
  14. Kaz

    Alexander McCall Smith: The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

    Anybody had read this book? I have read it. It was really enjoyable. I'll buy more series.
  15. Kaz

    Madrid Bomb

    This morning there were cruel bomb in the train to kill the innocent people. My thoughts went to families who lost their loved person. :(
  16. Kaz

    Christmas Movies

    Every year there are repeat films on T.V. whetever you love or hate!! I expect to see 'White Christmas' film I never see. Every year I always plan to watch this film but never did!! Cos I end up busy or miss this film!! :rolleyes: Which repeat films do you think will be on this year.
  17. Kaz

    Have you met any authors?

    I haven't but love to met authors and ask them to do autogragh in the book which I buy. I love to meet Danielle Steel (don't laugh at me!) Maeve Binchy and Paullina Simons. I wonder have you met already, who is it? If you wish to meet the authors, who will be ??
  18. Kaz

    Non stop think about

    Books! I do think about books when I am at work, home and somewhere else in every mornings, afternoons and nights. Wonders when I read my book. I always think when I come here to surf this forum and wonder what you all talk about..... of course about Books!!! Everytime I go shopping...
  19. Kaz

    tell us about your personality.

    I am always calm. Sometimes I can be dreamy!! I am creative to do cross stitch and makes something. Some times I am thinker when I am at work. I can be irritating when someone do something wrong. Tell us about your personalities.
  20. Kaz

    The Pianist

    Have you seen this film, The Pianist? It is based on true story. It is about a man works as the Pianist. He was Jewish. He have a bad experinced through WW2 where he lives in Warsaw. I found out that that man wrote the story which his son find out and published his book. I will buy yhis book...