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  1. WoundedThorns

    June 2008: Ernest Hemingway: A Farewell To Arms

    I think that's very well said. I remember far more gripping scences from All Quiet on the Western Front whereas I struggle to look past the mundane relationship that unraveled in A Farewell to Arms
  2. WoundedThorns

    Philip Roth fans

    I've only read The Plot Against America and expected it to be in more of the style of Vonnegut. However, the fact that it was realistic and plausible made it better.
  3. WoundedThorns

    Writing tips from Kurt Vonnegut

    I think he did follow them - especially being a sadist. I automatically think back to Deadeye Dick and Mother Night.
  4. WoundedThorns

    Absolute Page Turners Wanted!!!

    It was a book I read in a couple of sittings, but I really didn't love it that much... plus I almost hated the ending - it was very abrupt. Pageturners... What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Like Water for Chocolate
  5. WoundedThorns

    What do you hate most about writing?

    the first draft I'm much better at editing any piece or paper, but I hate spitting out initial ideas because I'm just constantly judging them. I also found in college that I write much better if I've got some sort of rough 1-2 page "paper" printed out and I add alot to it by hand. I type...
  6. WoundedThorns

    Movies you watched more than once?

    White Oleander. I've only seen Taxi Driver once but I know it'll be a movie I'll watch frequently. (mainly because I payed $20 for the DVD...)
  7. WoundedThorns

    Ayn Rand

    I've heard Atlas Shrugged is better in terms of storyline and character development. I know somebody who read it about 20 times and used it for inspiration for his artwork. I may be wrong, but The Fountainhead was her first stab at a novel so she was bound to improve. I have not read Atlas...
  8. WoundedThorns

    Anyone ever read two books at once?

    I used to think that it'd confuse me but it really doesn't. I suppose I stay away from reading two novels at once the same way you don't watch two movies at once - but - I read the way you watch TV shows. I have a habit of either swallowing the entire book in a few days or taking about a year to...
  9. WoundedThorns

    Which films or books have challenged the way you think?

    I couldn't get through the first chapter of Blindness, probably for the same reason I couldn't get through Kafka's The Trial. I love The Bell Jar. A movie version is supposed to come out. In terms of movies that I've seen that had any real impact on me, it'd probably be What the [Bleep]...
  10. WoundedThorns

    Worst or most disappointing book?

    I usually do not finish the books I deem as "worst".. however, I still cannot stand Charle's Dicken's David Copperfield.
  11. WoundedThorns

    J. K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

    lmao, yes, gotta love that. especially when the person never picked up one book
  12. WoundedThorns

    The Inconvenient Truth

    i saw it in school and it did open up my eyes
  13. WoundedThorns

    Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse-Five

    As did I, much better book
  14. WoundedThorns

    J. K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

    she had a deadline that she didn't create. i think the book was originally supposed to be released on 7-7-07 she was supposed to kill off Ron, but all three became such icons. there would've been millions of angry fans. i for one, am glad he didn't die - he was my favorite character. i...
  15. WoundedThorns

    I'm stuck

    its a good thing she's at least aware of that. i assumed since 6th was much shorter and to the point.
  16. WoundedThorns

    Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse-Five

    O.o i dunno if i'd go as far as stating that its the worst anti-war novel i've ever read. Vonnegut has a unique style, but i've read better books of his
  17. WoundedThorns

    Buy books?

    plenty of people do that library books o.O
  18. WoundedThorns

    Fred and George

    o.O wow. i thought EVERYONE loved Fred/George. i agree. plus i never consider the twins to be cruel at all. maybe i'm just used to middle school/high school bitchiness.
  19. WoundedThorns

    Bad influence of Harry Potter

    i thought the ending was almost religious - good morals and self-sarifice prevailed! plus one can argue that there is a parallel between Harry Potter and Jesus Christ thats right, i went there
  20. WoundedThorns

    Buy books?

    same here. i also find myself to put off the books i bought because i have library books to finish