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  1. murphyz

    Joanne Harris: Jigs And Reels

    I noticed this was out in borders, but not in Waterstones, and the release date is Wednesday - how odd? Anyhoo, after reading Chocolate and Five Quarters of the Orange, I had found them to be too 'samey' in content and style and, although they were not bad books, it put me off reading any...
  2. murphyz

    War & Peace

    Has anyone read this? Myself and a few others are planning to start it in May, and lend moral support to each other for wading through it so that we can actually read it and see what all the fuss is about. I would be interested to hear views of those who have read it beforehand, such as...
  3. murphyz


    A new Fortnightly magazine has been released dedicated to the wonderful Charles Dickens. The main feature is a nicely bound hardback book of one of his stories, but the magazine itself also provides a nice insight to Dickens and the novels. The first issue is out now and features Oliver...
  4. murphyz

    Ink Magazine

    ink - new book magazine released http://www.infinityfusion.com/ink/index.aspx ink is now onto the second issue, and I only just noticed it in Borders when I was there over the weekend. I must say it is very good indeed and well worth the £3.50 coverprice. The latest issue is a Lord of...
  5. murphyz

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Tell us what books you have recently purchased so we can look at you in awe, or laugh and point at you for buying tripe. For me: Yann Martel - Life of Pi Malorie Blackman - Noughts and Crosses Alice Sebold - The Lovely Bones Charles Dickens - Bleak House (Everyman's Library Edition) PG...
  6. murphyz


    The time is aproaching, and in just over one and a half months it will be November, and time once again for http://www.nanowrimo.org/. For those who don't know about nanowrimo, the rules are simple, the challenge is hard. It stands for National November Writing Month and your task...
  7. murphyz

    New look

    I'm liking the new look - much prefer the new logo and the library page is looking more inkeeping with the rest of the site. Thumbs up! Mxx
  8. murphyz

    Suggest just one book to read.

    On many forums I see people listing their favourite books, and must say I disagree with many, as I am sure many will disagree with me...and so I pose this question. Can you name here just one book that you would suggest others should read. Do not suggest Harry Potter or a world renowned...
  9. murphyz

    Help finding this book

    Hi all, A friend was wanting to find a book, that she thinks is a sci-fi novel, and she can only describe the basic start as thus... In a society where financial credit is all-important, a man runs out of money. His apartment doors and windows seal him in automatically, and he's just...
  10. murphyz

    Stella Gibbons: Cold Comfort Farm

    I have just read this and thought it was remarkably good, laugh out loud witty, well written and a nicely structured storyline. Anyone else read it and would like to discuss? Mxx
  11. murphyz

    P.G. Wodehouse

    P.G Wodehouse I haven't read any of these yet, but noticed in Waterstones that they have a lot of editions published by Everyman's Library (see image) which are very retro stylish and would make a nice little collection. I was wondering if anyone has read them and can suggest which...
  12. murphyz

    How do you organise your books?

    My books are mostly contained in a random order in a few bookcases, but now that these are full, and for the last few weeks I seem to have been buying circa ten books per week, they are now being piled up on top of CD racks and anywhere else that they can fit. Of course none of the books are...
  13. murphyz

    Ian Rankin

    I notice on the homepage that the new Ian Rankin novel is out soon. Is he any good? I bought Knots and Crosses last night, book #1, thinking someone had suggested him to me. I found out I was confused and they had really suggested John Irving. I think I saw an episode of Reubus (sp?)...
  14. murphyz

    Murphyz - New Member

    Hi there, I'm 24, live in London and my favourite books just now are the 'classics' which I am starting to work my way through. My favourite book in recent years has been Arundhati Roy's 'The God of Small Things'. My favourite author is Charles Dickens. My favourite book of all time is...