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Search results

  1. RaVeN

    Happy Birthday Freya!

    Hope your day is as special as your beard. But without the critters. RaVeN PS- HaHa Halo, you're not used to me coming first are you? :p
  2. RaVeN

    Ask Martin Anything

    Since he's closed his thread, I've started this one for people to ask Martin questions in which you have little hope of getting an answer. And if you do, it will likely take weeks or be answered by someone else. You should check back hourly though because you never know if the posts will be...
  3. RaVeN

    Happy Birthday Ice

    May your day give you purpose. May your evening invent desires. And may you never regret what falls between them. Happy Birthday! RaVeN
  4. RaVeN

    Your pad or mine

    Here's an easy game that every one can play. What do you have on your mouse pad? Those that reply "a mouse" go back 3 spaces and start all over again after you've pulled your head out. Mine is a logo of the Slough Jets hockey club from the UK. They sent it to me when I bought a game...
  5. RaVeN

    I may not be missed

    Hello everyone, There's been something that's come up in my personal life that requires my undivided attention for awhile and I'm afraid that within a day or 2, I'll be leaving the forum for at least a few months or so. You've all made a lasting impression with me , and I'd like to think...
  6. RaVeN

    Mother's day story

    Just wanted to share this with a few of you. This is really about my Father though. I went to my folks as the family was gathering to take them out and celebrate Mother's day. My Mother was complaining about how hot it was in the bathroom to prepare her hair & makeup. I asked why she didn't...
  7. RaVeN

    Bios of the stars

    Has any one else read bios of stars and almost too ashamed to admit it? I've read books on Groucho Marx, John Wayne & Vincent Price. I have one on Ellen Degeneres that's waiting to be read & there's a new one out on Maureen O'Hara ('Tis Herself, written with John Nicoletti) that I'm planning...
  8. RaVeN

    Fair Warning

    Litany has unknowingly but thankfully prompted me to unload some of my life.... and I gurantee she'll be apologizing to you all for quite some time. Some time over this weekend I will start writing here my autobiograhical soap opera of a life. It won't be professional and it won't be pretty...
  9. RaVeN

    A question for the Ladies

    Most of my adult life I have had what I guess is considered long hair. I have always kept it neat & clean and even have it trimed every 4-5 weeks. I know that it's outdated and not "in" but that doesn't bother me. It's just who I am. There have been a few times in my adulthood when it was...
  10. RaVeN

    The case of missing thread

    I seem to have misplaced a thread that I started last week titled "Name That Band". I know that I've been taking a lot of cold medication the last few days but did I just imagine the whole thread? :D I was going to compile the list of names that were suggested today but I'll be damned if I...
  11. RaVeN

    John Dunning

    Thanks for posting the link. I've read 3 of Dunning's books & look forward to the next one. Bill
  12. RaVeN

    Dr Syn anyone?

    Has anyone ever read any of the Dr Syn books by Russell Thorndike? As a kid I enjoyed the Disney -Scarecrow of Romney Marsh and have thought about trying to track down some of the hardback reprints. Is it worth my time & money? BTW, for those interested I've read that Disney will release the...
  13. RaVeN

    How much is too much?

    First, please excuse my rambling. I've been thinking about the rising cost of the average book over the years. Since i've started reading for pleasure, the price is now 3-4 times what it once was. I'm wondering how much longer the common person ( and you can't get any more common than me ) will...
  14. RaVeN

    It's my pleasure...

    .... to say hi to a fascinating group. I've been reading your postings for the last few hours and am delighted to have stumbled upon your forum. I'm a blue collar worker from the frozen tundra of Fort Wayne Indiana that has a nasty habit of carrying a book with me where ever I go. Working...