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  1. WoundedThorns

    Gogol Bordello

    I am currently listening to Bublitschki by Gogol Bordello. As some of you may know, that song is in the movie Everything is Illuminated. (based on the novel by Jonathan Safran Foer) A couple of months ago, a friend of mine was talking about this "hysterical gypsy punk band." Of course I...
  2. WoundedThorns

    Kurt Vonnegut: God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian

    i started reading this book last night and i absolutely love it. it's short, less than 80 pages, and i'm halfway through. i love the short chapters - it gets to the point. almost every sentence seems powerful. plus its one of the only few books that i actually laughed out loud while reading...
  3. WoundedThorns

    Megan McCafferty: Sloppy Firsts

    currently i am re-reading Sloppy Firsts. it was one of my favorite books when i was 14. its interesting to see this time around that the author used a lot of ideas from John Huges movies. no wonder this novel is compared to them in different reviews. i suppose it is a typical book about a...
  4. WoundedThorns

    about an indian girl who was forced to marry a sickly boy

    i read this one book for my book club in 7th grade. the actual shape of the book was pretty small and it was hardcover. it was probably less than 130 pages. its about an indian girl who was poor, therefore she had to marry when she was 12 or 13 so her family would have one less mouth to feed...
  5. WoundedThorns

    the cover is kind of abstract with a barn

    i read this one book in 8th grade b/c my librarian recommended it to me, but i cannot remember the title for the life of me. its from the point of view of a teenage guy who has a retarded father. his parents were neighbors growing up until they got married and lived in the fathers childhood...
  6. WoundedThorns

    biographies about bands/band members

    during the summer i read Who Killed Kurt Cobain? and loved it. part of me doesn't want to read band biographies b/c they seem to almost.. alter my opinion about their music? or maybe i'm busy thinking about the bands history rather than focusing on the music sometimes... anyhow, does anyone have...