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    Happy New Year!

    I wish everybody a happy new year! All the best to you all! Flower
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    My post does not show

    I have just posted a reply in a thread in the author forum. The thead says that my post is the last one, but when I open the thread, my post is not to be seen anywhere. I have tried to post the same post again but I cant. Please help!
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    "Unit One" Danish TV serie in Australia

    I have just read that a Danish tv drama/police serie, origanlly called "Rejseholdet", is shown in Australia as "Unit one". I used to watch that serie and it would be fun to hear how you like it in Australia? Anyone seen it? Flower
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    Happy Valentines!

    I found a great site with lots and lots of ideas of what to buy for your love one. :) http://www.best-wedding-anniversary-gift-ideas.com/ Flower
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    Kenny Shovel & SFG75 got my thread closed....

    I have made a thread in the general book forum about Harold Pinter´s speech at the swedish academy for nobel prize in litteratur. I wanted to discuss the literate part of the speech, knowing that we cannot talk about politics on this site. But then, two people SFG75 and Kenny Shovel, get the...
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    Brokeback Mountain

    I have recently seen "Brokeback Mountain" with my son, who is 16 years old. I think the film was very very good and they did a great job in portraiting the feelings and the situation the two men were in. Most of all, I thought it to be a great love story. My son liked the film as well...
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    Pinter´s speech at the Swedish Academy

    I am a wee bit amased that, as far as I can see, no one has talked about Harold Pinter´s speech at the Swedish academy, when he got the nobel prize. I mean this is a book site and it is the nobel prize in litterature he won. Anyone care to comment?? Flower
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    I know you shouldnt choose a book by its cover, but I admit a great cover can make me curious and pick up the book. Thought I would start a thread about great covers! Here are 3 very different covers that I like, please share some of yours! :D
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    Book for a 16 year old boy, help me about guys!

    My son, who is 16 years old, have just written a wishlist for xmas. Its filled with dvd and games. So I thought it would be great to also give him a great novel for him to read at night. Any suggestions? Flower
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    Some "crazy dane" spend most of his own saving and 4 years of his life making an oldfashion string puppet movie. But not just any string puppet movie, this one is something never seen before. I just saw a tv programme about the making of the film. And it was so exciting. The film is made at...
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    Dostojevsky`s "The Idiot" on DVD

    I have just discovered that you can get "The Idiot" on DVD! Its in Russian with english subtitles. http://www.russiandvd.com/store/product.asp?sku=32166 Has anyone seen it? I really want to see the DVD and I just loove the fact that its in Russian and you get to listen to "the right...
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    Reading projects

    Hi, I thought I would share my reading projects with you. Whenever I come across an interesting writer, I tend to read almost everything written by the Author. At the moment I am reading Dostojevsky. I have read "The double", am reading "The idiot" and have "Poor People" + "The...
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    Leif Davidsen

    I thought I would make a thread about this danish writer. Jemima Aslana mentioned him to me in another thread. I have known for a long time that he has been writing books but I had never read any of his books. Now I have. At first I got a bit dissapointed, but then again I am reading...
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    Another kind of beauty!

    I have just posted this on another site but I thought I would share it with you as well! Russian "poetry" at its best! I have just found a site with the most beautifull photos of St. Petersburg. I have never been myself, but have been dreaming about going for some time now. I was...
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    Guides at Amazon.com

    I was at Amazon.com last night checking out reviews and I found that people also make something called "So you´d like to ...Guides". As I am reading Dostojevsky at the moment and are new to all the Russian writers, I was interested in reading reviews for different authors. Then I came across...
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    Newbie from Denmark!

    Hi I have just signed on. I am a member of the bookcrossing.com and I love different kinds of litterature. Hope to find new friends and to have some great discussion and talks about books Flowerdk4