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Search results

  1. Disenthral

    Lights Out

    Any thoughts yet? Only 3 episodes but I really like it. hopefully it doesn't go the way of shows like Rescue Me, as it slightly reminds me of it.not sure why.The only person i'm not a fan of much in he show is the brother.And I like that they are showing other styles of fighting, considering...
  2. Disenthral

    MLK quotes you are unlikely to hear on Fox News or Glenn Beck's show today

    MLK quotes you are unlikely to hear on Fox News or Glenn Beck's show today - National Political Buzz | Examiner.com Not that I really care...but I thought maybe something fun would come of posting this link.... and now....we wait..
  3. Disenthral

    Bodybuilding pic

    I don't think this has been posted before. It made me laugh out loud. I also love "bubbling" pictures. It's so hot. (picture example inside) - Bodybuilding.com Forums
  4. Disenthral

    MMA death, first fight

    eh not many will be interested but... Michael Kirkham DEAD: MMA Fighter Dies After Debut Match
  5. Disenthral

    Sky burials!

    I just found a book called Sky Burial: An Epic Love Story of Tibet. Thinking it may have something to do with it i read the back and realized it was more about Tibet tradition and love, but seemed good so i got it anyways. But I have always been fascinated by Sky Burials, it is one of the...
  6. Disenthral

    BP coffee spill...

    YouTube - BP Spills Coffee heh it amused me
  7. Disenthral

    Testicles can rip off??

    BBC NEWS | UK | England | Merseyside | Woman jailed for testicle attack :blink:
  8. Disenthral

    Wrong book sent by barnes and noble!

    I ordered a book.....Titled Writing Fiction for dummies. Not that I ever really plan on writing but because I do love writing so much , i'd love to know more of it. Etc.... However..........When it arrived here it was a book called............. .......... ..... . Writing a Romance Novel...
  9. Disenthral

    Knocked Out :(

    Ugh i've been in Muay Thai class for about 5 months now, and i have a killer headache!!!!!!!!!!!! i was sparring today and im not sure what happened but i know i woke up on my back with people over me...... Apparently i got a kick to the head! im probably on my way to Dementia pugilistica -...
  10. Disenthral

    choreographed fight

    I am some what impressed:whistling: YouTube - More choreographed fight
  11. Disenthral

    Tragedy=reading less?

    Eecently my brother died, and I have found I know longer am obsessed with reading or even care about it. I think nothing of it and only read about 3 pages in 3 weeks. Is this normal? I have had long periods of extreme busyness where i couldn't read or to tired. But never just didn't care at...
  12. Disenthral

    Blood Meridian

    Blood Meridian (2011) Set for 2011 some time...Really???How can they make that a movie?I don't think it's possible to put that to film without it having a much lighter feel then the book.
  13. Disenthral

    New movies!!!!!

    So i was going to make a single post of a movie but the more i looked the more i found. So what are you looking forward to coming out! theres the horde ( a fench zombie movie) YouTube - The Horde Movie Trailer dorian grey ( oscar wildes book) YouTube - Dorian Gray Movie Trailer...
  14. Disenthral

    Laura Marling

    Not sure she needs her own thread......but she does... Shes badass YouTube - Laura Marling - Night Terror - New Video YouTube - Laura Marling - New Romantic
  15. Disenthral

    Calls For Cthulhu.........!....???

    Yea im bored nothing to say sooooo enjoy YouTube - Calls For Cthulhu Episode 1
  16. Disenthral


    Haven't seen it yet, but i am downloading it now from torrents.Excited!!! CTHULHU - the movie from here! Films and Regent Releasing YouTube - Cthulhu Trailer - H.P. Lovecraft the movie is made after The Shadow Over Innsmouth , not sure why they called it cthulhu...
  17. Disenthral


    BBC is the best channel around...... It's true.Shows like Dr. Who, Torchwood, HEX, Primeval, Being Human blow away American shows.. I actually don't have anything else to say just thought id point that out...:cool: some others here must feel the same???
  18. Disenthral

    Literal Video Translations LOL

    I can't stop watching these hahaha they're amazing!!!!!!! YouTube - video literal (link has many more) YouTube - Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version
  19. Disenthral

    Disturbing Films

    creepfreak - Sickly Disturbing Films So what is the most disturbing film you've seen. I've seen a lot of films considered disturbing , as I am sure we all have. But I just watched one called In My Skin. A French movie about a woman who injures her leg and becomes obsessed with self...
  20. Disenthral

    Let The RIght One In (book)

    Let The Right One In , was a book from 2004 about a 12 yr old boy who's picked on and becomes friends with a 12 yr old vampire girl. I thought it was quite good and just realized its also a movie and downloaded it and thought it was pretty good as well. Let the Right One In - Wikipedia, the...