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  1. Isabell

    I think I'm back to hang out.

    This past year has been hell for me. I'm in school and just went through 2 semesters of core classes for my Social Work degree. I'm finished for the summer, but will be back in hell in the Fall for my internship and practicum classes- plus working and being a mom. :whistling: So for now, I...
  2. Isabell

    I'm Angry today......

    What should I read?
  3. Isabell

    Book recommendations for a 6th grader

    Hi everyone, I have a question for all of you. My son, Andrew is 11 years old and loves to read- I am looking for ideas for books to read over winter break. Currently, he's reading "The Kite Runner" and is almost finished with it. He was interested after watching me read and talk about the...
  4. Isabell

    LOST (The Show) and connections in books

    Does anyone watch the show and know of any possible connections in books that the writers use to write the storylines for the show. I'm finding possibly Eco's - The Island of the Day Before to be a source and maybe Verne's - The Mysterious Island to one too.... Does anyone see any...
  5. Isabell

    Anyone missed me???

    Or has noticed that I've been gone for a bit. I've been busy getting through a semester of school. It's really hard being 38 years old and having this be the first semester back in 20 years. I'm taking three classes and they have been a load on my head. I just found out that I'm getting...
  6. Isabell

    Presidential Debate Drinking Game

    Watch the debate and have fun at the same time. Here's how it works..... Everytime you hear the words "Maverick, Colonial Petraeus, Main St. to Wall St., any reference to a bracelet, Drill Baby Drill and Fundamental" you take a swig of booze. It's that easy.... How many of us can get...
  7. Isabell

    Random Fun

    I love Irish cheese!!!! That's all.....have a great day!
  8. Isabell

    Slain couple's bitter will

    NYPost Article
  9. Isabell

    My Amazon Kindle review....finally!

    I thought it would be about time to post my review for the much controversial Amazon Kindle. I have now had the device for exactly a month and have had the pleasure of reading my downloaded books. I have to say that before the arrival of it, I was skeptical. I am a lover of paper books. I'm...
  10. Isabell

    Mature Discussion Area

    How come I cannot access it?
  11. Isabell

    I'm having so much trouble....

    What is wrong with me. I'm having the hardest time picking up "Outlander" and reading. I like it, but it just seems that I go through 3 or 4 pages and I put it down. I'm at page 134....Please tell me to keep at it. It just seems a little slow right now. I need a push to get it finished. I...
  12. Isabell

    Cystic Fibrosis!

    Dear Friends, I am writing to you today to tell you that on May 20th I will be walking in a Cystic Fibrosis “Great Strides” Fundraiser. This has certainly hit close to home for me because it is for a friend of mine. Her two children Allie (age 9) and Zach (age 5) have both been diagnosed...
  13. Isabell

    Michael Jecks

    I need someone to tell me whether I should pursue reading this author..... I was filing through the aisles of my library looking for something to read....I was at the point of reading that nothing suited me for the moment. I decided that wandering the library would surely be the answer in the...
  14. Isabell

    INXS-- New CD

    I can hardly wait until the new CD "Switch" Comes out. I cannot remember the last time I actually cared about music coming out. I've loved INXS since the early 80's and have all the music. I was devestated when Michael Hutchence died. I didn't watch the whole Rock Star- INXS on the television...
  15. Isabell

    The Genographic Project

    https://www9.nationalgeographic.com/genographic/index.html Would you pay $100 to get your DNA tested? Would you be interested in finding out where you really came from? My dad wants to do it and I just wanted to get feedback from all of you and what your thoughts are on this matter...
  16. Isabell

    Canyou Believe it !?!??!

    The world has come to an end! The Chicago White Sox BEAT the Boston Red Sox! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! boo ya!
  17. Isabell

    I'm so mad

    I can't believe I missed and fell asleep. Conan O'Brian had U2 on for the whole hour! I heard they played a few songs. I couldn't for the life of me stay awake. I just love U2, my first Album I bought was "The Unforgettable Fire" I have it on CD now and in my MP3 player and listen to it all...
  18. Isabell

    I think I'm just dumb...

    I'm not really sure if it's just me, or is there anyone else who had a hard time getting into "The Witching Hour" By Anne Rice.... This is the first book by her that I picked up in the attempt to read. Maybe I should have started reading The Vampire Chronicles, or even one of her single...
  19. Isabell

    Hello from Chicago!

    Hi there folks, For obvious reasons, I'm new here. I just came upon this site by accident and I'm thrilled to have a place to read about books and ask opinions about them from you all. I love to read, anything, anytime, anywhere. I much rather read the books then watch the movies. I am...