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  1. Summerflyte

    Challenge: Post a Poem...Keep Posting

    I thought it would be fun for everyone to post their poems here, all original works by our very own members! It doesn't matter what format your poem takes as long as it is by YOU! Get those creative juices flowing people.
  2. Summerflyte

    Challenge: Write a Short Story in a Week

    This is a challenge for all the writers out there. I propose a challenge whereby members choose ten random words - which members will submit one week before the challenge starts - for the purpose of writing a short story (minimum 5,000 words up to a maximum of 10,000 words), to do with as you...
  3. Summerflyte

    Random Quotes, Fables, Tall Tales and Proverbs…keep posting.

    This Thread was created to see if all of us together could finds as many Quotes, Fables, Tall Tales or Proverbs as we can. You must list its origin, and in the case of Quotes, the author and where it was quoted from. I’ll start off with: AND This is supposed to be a fun...
  4. Summerflyte

    Hi from an Aussie

    I'm a reader and a closet writer. Why in the closet? Easy... that way no-one but me will ever see my appalling grammar. I'm great at reading an critiquing others though, so if you want me to review your work give me a shout out.