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  1. Lovecraftian

    Book Cover Contest!

    I wasn't sure where to put this, so if it's in the wrong section, I apologize and of course, feel free to move it to another subforum. July 2013 Contest. Everyone is invited to play! Can you guess why that cover isn't professional? You only need to list 3 legitimate reasons. The winner(s) will...
  2. Lovecraftian

    Book Cover Contest!

    Farah Evers does all my book covers. She knows what she’s doing, and these contests are a blast. The idea is to create your own book cover (for indie authors, of course) and send it in to Farah. She picks the worst ones and gives a FREE makeover! I mean, you literally cannot beat that. Go...
  3. Lovecraftian

    The House Across the Street

    Who's ready for a creepy tale? I know I always am. Here's my newest! Spending the buck on this story is like helping the poor. Just do it. The House Across the Street: Derek Odom, Farah Evers: Amazon.com: Kindle Store
  4. Lovecraftian

    Gamble: A Supernatural Chess Story

    After a *ton* of work and a lot of money spent, my novella Gamble is available for download on Amazon. It is the story of Sam Horton, a young chess hustler who meets Mortimer Blackwell, an elderly gentleman who offers him a gift like no other. Sam moves to Las Vegas, NV, and takes the...
  5. Lovecraftian

    Down's the Aisle

    This was written from a prompt. It's cruel and unusual, and that's what I find hilarious about it. :D Down’s the Aisle – A very short by Derek Odom | Derek Odom
  6. Lovecraftian

    New story! Death's Ride!

    My newest short story, Death's Ride, went live on Amazon! It's 99 cents. The story is eerie, but not horror, really. I'd greatly, truly, really really appreciate the read and review! Here's the blurb: Harris finds himself faced with a choice that could save his life – or end it. When...
  7. Lovecraftian

    I've a new author site!

    I've my own author site! Tell me it doesn't kick maximum booty. My main blog is linked to it, as well as my chess, bicycle, and other blogs. Also, of course, any stories I have or will have published. Many are in the works. I just got done with three for the editing process. You can subscribe...
  8. Lovecraftian

    The Empty Chair

    I’m going to release a short story on Amazon here, soon – maybe even later tonight, depending how long the Mountain Dew lasts me. It’s called “The Empty Chair”, as you may have guessed. It involves chess (my passion), but isn’t a chess story per se. Anyhow, I just got the official cover...
  9. Lovecraftian

    Hi from SoCal :)

    Okay, I realized I had been yapping your eyes off (heh) and hadn’t introduced myself. The name’s Derek, and I am a full-time freelance writer and author. The freelancing pulls in the bucks, the stories are, well, hopeful. I’ve won quite a few contests and have been published with small...
  10. Lovecraftian

    Anyone into old cars or trucks?

    I am, big time. I love their simplicity, I love their quality, I love the power of a good old V8. I’ve had my ’68 Plymouth since 1994 (it’s the car in my avatar, in fact). It’s currently under the knife, getting a complete engine/tranny overhaul. I’ve also had a bunch of older Bugs, a ’67...
  11. Lovecraftian

    Let's talk about people.

    I love sharing, and I think that human relations are the core of just about everything that matters to humans. Someone can have all the cash in the world but if he's unhappy with his wife or friends or is under some other type of human pressure, he won't be happy. We have to come first...