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    Have you ever done a book reading challenge?

    You know the kind of challenge where you aim to read a book from say 10 - 12 different categories, over the course of a summer or within a year. Categories, like these: Read one historical fiction. Read a book that takes place in a location you'd like to visit. Read a book with a cat on the...
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    We Have Always Lived in the Castle (Anyone read it?)

    Hi, I'm getting ready to make this my 1st book of 2017. It's not the typical book that I'm drawn to, but it seems just kooky and weird enough to make me want to read it. Anyone here read it? Did you like it? Thought it was dumb, etc.? Thanks, Happy reading in the New Year!
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    Hi, new member here..

    Hello, my name is Greg and this is my 1st post here. I'm excited to have found this site so I can share my love of books with others. Oftentimes I find myself in a slump because I'm very picky about which books I will read or not read. However, I just found 3 books within 2 days that I want to...