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  1. True@1stLight

    Blast from the past....

    Echooooooooo..... :eek: Any friendly voices still around??
  2. True@1stLight

    Help with a book plz

    I could use some help deciding a couple of books to buy my cousin for christmas. -16 years old -Female -Pretty intelligent for her age Open to suggestions, since I don't know what it is like to be a teenage female, was hoping for some help. Although, I would like to avoid fluff...
  3. True@1stLight

    For everyone, for anyone, for someone...

    "Still and all, why bother? Here's my answer. Many people need desperately to receive this message: I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone." -Kurt Vonnegut More often than not, at one...
  4. True@1stLight

    Kurt Vonnegut

    Well there's been no Vonnegut thread to this point, which although I"m busy at the moment, needs to be remedied! Anyone feel free to start it up with your thoughts on him.....
  5. True@1stLight

    Herman Melville: Moby Dick

    Writing a term paper on the simularity of Melville's story created in Moby Dick to the world as it was seen through Hobbes' eyes in Leviathan and his solutions to the problem of human nature. Basically the possibility of overlapping politcial philosophy from Hobbes into the story of Moby Dick...
  6. True@1stLight

    Hi I'm ME!

    I'm a virgo, I like long walks on the beach and watching the sunset with bobby while enema holds the video camera. I worship my goddess, Irene, twice a day at midday and midnight, and I frequently go on biscut binges from some unconcious voice that demands me to eat them feeding my impulse. I...
  7. True@1stLight

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far....

    Bonjour! Too long it has been indeed. I have finally managed to smash the likes of the LSAT under my heel and have vanquished it's demons eternally. I have however this strange craving for long lost biscuts with a shot of bobby. :) I hope you all have been well, I have passed into and out of...
  8. True@1stLight

    Late for Work

    Just would like to state that I am going to be late for work and it is all Crystal's fault!!! :p Have a good day everybody :D
  9. True@1stLight


    Found an oh so inspiring article in the guardian I found amusing. Here's an excerpt I'll post the link for the whole article at the end. "Under the influence of the Christian right, Bush has adopted the so-called ABC approach to Aids prevention - A for abstinence, B for being faithful and C...
  10. True@1stLight

    No problems

    I've never had any problems loading this site, or finding it down in the middle of the day all of a sudden. Everything responds quickly and is well organized. Just wanted to say thanks Darren, we appreciate you keeping it going so nice and tidy while all we have to do is click and type. :)
  11. True@1stLight

    Who would you like to get to know?

    It seems everyone has become pretty friendly with one another in a short amount of time here. I know I have certainly enjoyed it. I was just thinking about all of the people I would love to have actual conversations with, (such as on a messenger) and I"m sure many others feel the same. So...
  12. True@1stLight

    Walker Percy: The Moviegoer

    I just finished the Moviegoer by Walker Percy on a recommendation from this forum. A very good book I thank you for the suggestion, I can't remember who the origional advisor was. Percy defiantely has a different way of seeing the world , and I love how he seperates everything from...
  13. True@1stLight

    Just in case!

    This is just in case this turns out to be the real deal. I met a girl that I dated in early highschool a couple of days ago by a random and unlikely shot of luck, fate, probability, whatever you want to call it, it wasn't bloody likely. Now I hadn't given thought to this girl in quite some...
  14. True@1stLight

    Writing that moves you

    I was reading through some of the quotes in the other thread, and it got me to thinking about particular instances in reading that have moved me. Not just been good, but actually made me stop in my tracks in awe at the serenity and beauty of the writing. Here is the first instance that came to...
  15. True@1stLight

    My next book?

    As a come to the last few hundred pages of War and Peace I'm beginning to contemplate what my next book should be. I'm planning on taking a break from my Russian authors and try something short but rich. I'm open for suggesgtions at this point my top two options look like Vonnegut or Faulker...
  16. True@1stLight


    How do you post poll questions when making a thread?
  17. True@1stLight

    New Student

    Literally and figuaratively the student. Heading into my Sr. year of undergrad at the wrinkled old age of 21. Just began to seriously get into and begin to understand good literature in the past few years. Glad to have found an active book forum with some crazy people in it ;) Just for...
  18. True@1stLight

    Modern Literature

    Hello, I am new to this website, and am pleased at having found an active and lively book forum. I am currently still a student with an active life, but in the past few years have really begun to enjoy literature fully as I have come to a better understanding of it. However, as a result of...