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Search results

  1. Flor

    Next movie you are planning to watch

    Revolutionary Road or bust!
  2. Flor

    SIRIUS/XM Book Radio Channel

    Thanks for the tip, SFG. Darn it, I let my Thirius thubthcripthion exthpire (say that 3 times really fast). Might be worth reupping.
  3. Flor

    Willa Cather: A Death In The Desert

    Oh, I love this story! What a treat to find a discussion ongoing here. Reading it again after so many years, it still amazes me what a thorough character study she could create in so few pages. And how the most brilliant characterization is that of Adriance, the elephant in the room for both...
  4. Flor

    FLDS and the children

    I just wish there were a way to dissolve the whole sect. Too many kids with broken bones that weren't properly set -sends chills down my spine.
  5. Flor

    Anton Chekhov

    Glad to see a thread for Chekhov, SFG75. Just finished The Overcoat earlier tonight and it has put me in the mood for some Chekhov stories. But thinking on it now a few minutes later- and whisking in under the editing timeout- I would never think to associate Chekhov with stream of...
  6. Flor

    New Look

    Very nice. Much more readable
  7. Flor

    Movies you watched more than once?

    Viewed my all time favorite last night for probably the tenth time, Reds (1981)
  8. Flor

    The poetry of Robert Frost

    Birches is my favorite Frostie.
  9. Flor

    Are you gay?

    I'd be gay if I could just stop thinking about men. :)
  10. Flor

    Dr. Seuss-Which is your child's favorite?

    If I Ran the Zoo, The Cat in the Hat, and The Butter Battle Book . I used to hide them so I wouldn't have to read them again, again, again...
  11. Flor

    How happy is happy enough?

    It seems as though some expectations of happiness are so removed from a normal mixture of stability, with some sadness and some joys thrown in, that comprise a healthy state of mind. These books promising unending, floaty, rhapsodic harmony and bliss are just worthless. Isn't a large part of...
  12. Flor

    name the worst invention

    snow blowers. dysfunctional to the world of silent muffledom that we should get when snow falls
  13. Flor

    Clothes advice

    RainbowGurl, try www.barriepace.com . A few simple rules to remember: Dresses are always better Stay away from flat heels but also away from come-****-me heels Dresses no longer than knee length or you look and feel like a bag lady Tailored never goes out of style Be "too poor to buy...
  14. Flor

    What's a schnickelfritz?

    I heard it was a nickname for children. An old German man I used to work with many years ago tagged me with it one morning. I had never heard it. But because I'd shown up for work that morning with a bandaid on my face (covering a blemish), he said I was a putz and a snicklefritz. And the name...
  15. Flor


    There ya have it. Walk away to indulge and you're done.
  16. Flor

    Poll: How old is the average reader on this Forum?

    I am very tired of being 36.
  17. Flor

    How Many Books Do You Read in a Year (approx.)?

    Who has some astounding tallies for this year?! Not me!
  18. Flor

    Cormac McCarthy: The Road

    Not at all! imnsho, of course.
  19. Flor

    Saddest/Most Depressing Novel You've Ever Read

    I think of sad and depressing as two different states of mind, sadness being more temporary and thus more easily influenced by reading. Let's see, The Remains of the Day is exquisitely sad, but not depressing. The Road is sad, too, but bracing in its way. A Farewell to Arms is sad. Lots of very...
  20. Flor

    Good British Movies?

    Children of Men (2006)