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  1. Jessica Walsh

    New Erotic Series - Devious Pies

    Up for a small taste? Devious Pies is a new erotic series where the stories are all centered around different pie flavors, with a variety of tastes and preferences. The first two stories are available now Elana really can't help herself when she steals the first bite and it's all downhill...
  2. Jessica Walsh

    New Release: Ironbound Kisses - Gay Romance

    Don’t talk to him. For all intents and purposes, he doesn’t exist. Thomas knows the rules when he takes a job with the circus, but he can’t stop thinking about the strange young man hidden away in the manager’s trailer. After a chance meeting with Isle, Thomas is even more intrigued, despite...
  3. Jessica Walsh

    Double Hue - Gay Romance Murder Mystery

    Check out my partner's book: When there's red, close your eyes and try again. "Maybe he's right. Maybe I am the cause of this. Maybe you were normal before meeting me." When something tragic happens, you want nothing more than to close your eyes and make all of the pain go away. For Gable...
  4. Jessica Walsh

    Seeking the Storyteller - Midwest Urban Supernatural Series

    Announcing the re-release of the first book in our series: Seeking the Storyteller! For Alix, hunting the strange creatures that live in the shadows of Midwest America is a normal part of life. He doesn't view them as anything other then expendable - but when one of them hints at knowing how...
  5. Jessica Walsh

    Press START to Play - Gay Romance and Video Games

    Lukis Singleton’s once-popular sports column is fading fast, thanks to the terrible track record of the local football team. In an attempt to save the column, Lukis’s editor, John, decides he needs to go in a different direction. Video games are all the rage these days, so John insists that...
  6. Jessica Walsh

    Joined from Minnesota!

    Hello, taking a moment to introduce myself on the forum, along with my partner. We've both been writing fanfiction for years and finally decided to move over to our own original work. I have one book out with my partner - Seeking the Storyteller - and then she has several books and short...
  7. Jessica Walsh

    New Urban Fantasy Novel set in Minnesota!

    Hello, I wanted to promo my first novel that's been published called Seeking the Storyteller. It's the first in a new urban fantasy series that takes place in Minnesota and is published by Solstice Publishing. *********************** I know of the Storyteller, it whispers into the man’s...