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Search results

  1. eyez0nme

    Does Perfect Love Exist?

    Do you know where this woman is? Has anyone seen this woman? Perfect Love – Does She Exist?
  2. eyez0nme

    Cormac McCarthy: The Road

    No, it's whack.
  3. eyez0nme

    Stephen King: Under the Dome

    Awful. It's just awful. None of his recent stories scare, anymore. His books are for kids.
  4. eyez0nme

    Stephen King: Misery

    Gosh, if only King could go back snorting coke and downing Listerine to go back to the level he was writing. He's done. He's dead. He needs to retire.
  5. eyez0nme

    Stephen King: Just After Sunset

    Boooooring. What a drag.
  6. eyez0nme

    A Mild Stroke...

    Sadly he may have another stroke unless he change his diet and lifestyle.
  7. eyez0nme

    Is this horrifying or absolutely beautiful?

    Earmark Request: Unbiased Report of both Obama and Palin Yes, Palin Did Stop That Bridge - WSJ.com
  8. eyez0nme

    Is this horrifying or absolutely beautiful?

    Obama plan ships dollars overseas ? by the billions
  9. eyez0nme

    Sex education & the GOP platform

    Studies show how many kids you have correlates directly with how much money you have.
  10. eyez0nme

    Sex education & the GOP platform

    Bible-belt states? How about you stop generalizing an entire group of Christians, eh? Higher rates of teen pregnancy occure at places where it is usually low-income. Why? Because the majority of them (the Hispanic population for one example) are given free healthcare, free education, free...
  11. eyez0nme

    Biden has commited the gravest sin imaginable

    Here's another one. This guy's whack: 1972 crash still haunts driver's family | delawareonline | The News Journal
  12. eyez0nme

    Sex education & the GOP platform

    You see, I'm right. It's a get out of free jail card for wearing condoms. This why sex education is a waste of money. Kids will know how to prevent pregnancy by abortions or spermicide; they don't need to be indoctrinated by the federal government. They are not stupid--they will know how. If...
  13. eyez0nme

    Sex education & the GOP platform

    Again, if sex education taught sex in all areas instead of just the anatomy and "thrusting motions" such as prostitution, hookers, strippers, sex in the media, sex through money, sex for sale, rape and power, serial killers and sex, I'm all for it. Instead it's just the inane physical anatomy...
  14. eyez0nme

    Sex education & the GOP platform

    Good. It's a waste of f***ing money. Think about it. She hates wasteful spending. Where else would she cut programs if not sex education--something you can learn all by yourself by watching porn. Kids learn about sex not through their parents or teachers but by themselves at the age young as...
  15. eyez0nme

    Sex education & the GOP platform

    http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-na-sexed6-2008sep06,0,3119305.story Seems like you all agree with Sarah Palin's stance.
  16. eyez0nme

    Sex education & the GOP platform

    You see the problem about sex education is that they just talk about abstinence without explaining why. I want comprehensive sex education reform in all high schools where they teach you the consequences of having consensual or forcible sex such as rape. What happens when you are impregnated...
  17. eyez0nme

    Stephenie Meyer

    Her writing is not god. I don't get why she thinks people enjoy her books, lmao.
  18. eyez0nme

    Biden has commited the gravest sin imaginable

    No; the worst thing he has done was suggest to John Kerry to pick John McCain as his vice-president in 2004. Now that, my friend, is flip-flopping.
  19. eyez0nme

    Biden has commited the gravest sin imaginable

    Let's talk about Biden. I found this on another board and discovered the worst sin he could commit as a writer. This man nearly plaigarized all of his speeches, from four different authors. Biden's 1988 Campaign Plagiarism Goes Well Beyond What Wiki Reveals | NewsBusters.org The man was...
  20. eyez0nme

    Do you know the answers to this question?

    What is the medical term for writer's cramp? What are the most used letters in the English language? What is the longest one syllable word? What English word rhymes with month? What do you call a group of cats? What is the only food, known to man, that never rots?