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    David Eddings - The Belgariad and Malloreon

    hey,does anyone else enjoy the belgariad like i do? also i need someone who has read the malloreon,i know a bit about what happens but at the end is Geran alright?and Errand?(i love errand,hes my fav XD)ive read the first of the malloreon but i cant find the others.. i heard that geran...
  2. M

    Garth Nix: Keys To The Kingdom

    has anyone read this crazy series?i like it but its rly odd...btw for those who dont know in the 6th book,the will is a raven or an eagle and the key is an umbrella(not quite as appropriate as the others but...) for those who havnt read it,the keys to the kingdom is a random seiries about a...
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    David Eddings - The Belgariad

    hey guys,anyone read this seiries?im reading magicians gambit just now and i love the books these books are so funny XD,i loled so hard at some bits,like the bit when it says woman are driven by compulsion to complicate things,and the bit when polgara comments that its lucky garion didnt...
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    Julia Golding-Dragonfly

    has anyone read this book?i loled so hard at the bit on page 264,paperback,XD:DXD:DXD i also liked the bit at the end,it was sort of funnyXD
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    Mark Walden-H.I.V.E.

    has anyone read this? i quite enjoy it i havnt read the sequel,overlord protocol yet,but could anyone spoil a bit about it?i heard wing dies and im hoping that it isnt true....
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    Good books wanted

    hey,can anyone suggest good books? the type im looking for right now are books set in a different world completly or books when the narrator is transproted to a different world for example,books like 'mister monday' and its sequels,or 'ragwitch' or 'eragon',those are the sort of different...
  7. M

    The Shade's Children

    This is a fabolous book by Garth Nix,its narrated mostly by a boy called 'Gold-Eye',due to his golden eyes that came about because of 'The Change',when everyone over 14 years old dissapeared and the evil overlords came,they locked all the kids up in dormotories and they take the brain out of...
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    Help Needed

    hey,as you probably know if youve read my posts,im crazy about the pellinor books by alison croggon,and im waiting for the last book'The Singing' to come out but the problem is,theres a site which shows you the first chapter of the singing,but i cant download it,if i give my email adress and...
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    The seiries/Book your reading

    whats the current book or seiries tha you are reading? tell us all the books in them,tell us the authors and what its about and discuss im reading the pellinor seiries by Alison croggon,it goes 'The Gift','The Riddle','The Crow',and coming in july,'The Singing' its about this girl called...
  10. M

    Alison Croggon: The Pellinor Series

    has anyone read these? i love them,they are a fantasy seiries about a girl called maerad(pronounced my-rad)who has 'the gift' or 'the speech' am particually intrested at the end of the riddle when maerad confesses her love of arkan to cadvan,and i was quite sad about zelika at the end of the crow
  11. M

    Books of pellinor(alison croggon)

    has anyone read these books? btw is there anyone who would be willing to copy and paste the first chapter of 'the singing' and email it to me if i gave them i adress?for some reason i cant download it :(