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Search results

  1. MsBlueEyzz

    Chuck Palahniuk-anyone similar??

    I wanted to see if anyone knows of similar writers like Chuck Palahniuk. I love his writing style. Does anyone know of writers that write like him and are good?? :)
  2. MsBlueEyzz

    Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

    I am trying to decide which one to ask for as a gift for Valentine's Day ha ha I think I am leaning towards the Kindle Fire so I can read in bed without a light on. Of course, also because it has some great features beyond reading :) Any thoughts???
  3. MsBlueEyzz

    If you could go anywhere in the world for a week, where would it be?

    Where would you go??
  4. MsBlueEyzz

    Dennis Lehane-anyone read his books?

    I have read a few of Dennis Lehane's books. They are the type I can't put down once I start to read them. They have intrigued me from the beginning. Shutter Island was wonderful (in my opinion). I then read a few more and did not realize at first that there was a series with Patrick and Angie...
  5. MsBlueEyzz

    New here...

    Hi, I am new here. I love to read all kinds of books. When someone suggests one I usually do read it :)