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    Yaoi manga Reverse Yuitsu

    I generally enjoy all genres of mangas. A friend recommended this one. The plot revolves around a dedicated but lonely detective getting romantically involved with a lusty suspect in a case he is working on. The suspect is an ex cop turned shady character. I read most of it, It was kinda...
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    Delightful 2020 French drama

    The title is My Donkey, My Lover, and I. The plot revolves around an effervescent school teacher following her lover and his family to a picturesque resort , where donkeys are the mode of travel. An interesting and light film, especially for animal lovers.
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    That Camden Summer by LaVyrle Spencer

    The book came out in 1996. I really enjoyed it. The setting is 1920's era Maine. The main character is an independent , determined divorced mother named Roberta. Her occupation is a nurse. The plot revolves around her struggling to deal with the hypocrisy and narrow minded attitudes women...
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    Lost Chicago

    It is a new book by John Paulett and Judy Floodstrand. I am a native Chicago gal and was floored by all the vintage buildings I never heard of before. Many were demolished in the 20's. A very informative and interesting book!
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    Judith Miller

    The author has a trilogy of historical fiction set in a Chicago area named Pullman located on the far south side. The main characters work for George Pullman, and live in the so called utopian township he set up for his workers. I am a native Chi-Town gal who toured the area in 2000. The...
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    Duchess Meghan's children's book

    I just read The Bench, and found it a sweet, cute read. Although I am weary of the media's obsession with the rift between the Cambridges and Sussexes. Bring out the white flag already! Anyway, I wish the duchess the best with her possible literary career. Hopefully down the road either...
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    foodie mysteries

    I have read Joanne Fluke since 2009, I really enjoy the series and have made a few of the recipes. Some I have enjoyed, a few were OK.
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    Virgin Heroine books and authors

    Mary Balogh sometimes writes fiction where both partners are virgins, or the guy is the one who is a virgin or has limited sexual experiences. A few other authors as well.
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    Dr. Seuss controversy

    What is everyone opinion about various classics that have been banned, due to offensive content? I read one since I work at a library, but did not see anything offensive, but that's me. There is also debate over Curious George and Babar alluding to colonialism. I understand the naysayers to...
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    The Bridgertons

    Is anyone watching the new show based on the novels? I plan to watch it down the road. I do enjoy period dramas. However I have not read a Julia Quinn book in a long time. However, after reading about the show, I am currently reading First Comes Scandal. So far, it is pretty good.
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    Favorite Manga of all time

    What is your favorite genre of manga? I like yaoi and historical. I recently came across an interesting yaoi webtoon named "Dear Benjamin". It is relatively new. The main characters are a wealthy arms dealer named Felix, who is the seme, and an ex marine and florist named Isaac. He is...
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    Beatrix Potter

    I am in my early 50's. The only book I ever read by her was Peter Rabbit as a child. I also saw the biopic starring Renee Z., a few years ago. In addition to the animated feature, from 2017 or 2018. Both were decent films. I recently read Ginger and Pickles. I hope to read her other books...
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    L.M. Montgomery's novels

    I wish they would make movies based on her other novels besides Anne.
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    Joanne Fluke

    My 1st novel by her was Cream Puff Murder 11 years ago. I also read the most recent one, Coconut Cake Murder. Her book are light and fun to read. Have anyone seen the Hallmark movies based on the series starring soap star Allison Sweeney? I saw the first one a few years ago. I am looking...
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    Pre- Code actresses and films

    I'm referring to the period prior to 1934, when cinema dealt with racy, topical subjects of the era with minimal censure. Post '34, the Hayes Code was passed and subject matter was regulated by the censor board. For example; prostitution, adultery, substance abuse, alternative lifestyles...
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    L.M. Montgomery's novels

    I recently read Anne of Windy Poplars and really liked it. Now I am currently reading The Blue Island and enjoying that as well. I also loved the 3 PBS movies produced by Kevin Sullivan starring Megan Follows and the late Jonathan Crombie.