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  1. JimMorrison

    Looking for an autobiography to read

    reading Wolf on Wall Street currently and cant put it down. The fast life and drugs that he vividly describes are one thing, but the detailed strategy of how he made millions of dollars weekly using the pump and dump strategy with his investment banking firm are amazing. truly a page turner...
  2. JimMorrison

    Does reading books make you smarter?

    That some interesting insight. Being a psych major, can you elaborate as to why that would happen? This has happened to me once or twice as well. I was so involved with what I was currently reading that I did minimal studying the night before and just continued reading my book. Ended up...
  3. JimMorrison

    Jack Kerouac

    ive actually been following the movie closely and i am thrilled. walter salles has been chosen to direct this masterpiece of literature. talks of brad pitt starring are recurring. he directed motorcycle diaires which was a flawless, adventurous tale of travel and discovery. so who better than...
  4. JimMorrison

    Charles Bukowski

    So i got my hands on a copy of the Factotum film. i was sincerely suprised and impressed. Matt Dillon did an awesome job capturing his aura and mannerisms. Kinda dark grim and nonchalant with a lot of humor is how I imagined it to be and it proved me right. Highly recommended for film buffs...
  5. JimMorrison

    Jack Kerouac

    its scheduled for 2007 but a flick like that might be pushed back
  6. JimMorrison

    Jack Kerouac

    On The Road is being made into a feature film!!! I am so thrilled that its being directed by Walter Salles. He directed Motorcycle Diaries so he has great experience with a story that deals with traveling and discovering.
  7. JimMorrison

    Charles Bukowski

    where can I see it? its not on dvd is it?
  8. JimMorrison

    Best German Films

    Run Lola Run
  9. JimMorrison

    The Descent (contains spoilers)

    really enjoyed this flick. started really slow but it turned out to have a purporse. great character development. those shits in the caves were creepy as hell. seeing a bunch of hot girls stuck in a cave was cool. the last half hour or so was intense, made up for all the slower earlier...
  10. JimMorrison

    Perfect fit: Actors and Roles

    Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier or Professor X in the X-Men series was born to play that role.
  11. JimMorrison

    Charles Bukowski

    Great documentary. It was actually this documentary that sparked my interest in Bukowski. Ive read 3 of this books so far. Really delves into his personal life. It shows his true character. What a guy!
  12. JimMorrison

    Charles Bukowski

    Bukowski actually disliked almost all writers. He couldnt stand them. Never liked drinking or talking to them.
  13. JimMorrison

    Lovely and abandoned words

    what is the correct way to use "alas." ...maybe a sample sentence?
  14. JimMorrison

    Charles Bukowski

    I am deeply intrigued with the Beat generation. What is the snail scene?
  15. JimMorrison

    Charles Bukowski

    just finished reading South of No North by Bukowski. Its a brilliant collection of short stories that delve into the lifestyle of Bukowski. All stories are typical Bukowski; raw, ruggid, unbelievable, revolving around sex and alcohol. My only problem with this is that it took me a while to...
  16. JimMorrison

    Match Point (Woody Allen)

    a fine film. looks like this might be the revival of woody allen. im a firm believer in everything happens for a reason but this movie really made me believe luck is real and happens more often than we think. a flick def not for everyone as it is a mature film. alot of intriguing...
  17. JimMorrison

    The Addams Family

    the house/castle used in the movies is actually a building at my university and is on my school ID :cool:
  18. JimMorrison

    Match Point (Woody Allen)

    Ive gotta get my hands on a copy of this. Ive heard great things about this film. I will post my review as soon as I see it.
  19. JimMorrison

    American History X

    Well said. Such a powerful film. It should definitely be showed in schools. It leaves you with such an impression and image even if its dark and ugly. Which may be the point. The end is so sad. Just when things looks like theyre gunna do a 180. Ed Norton was marvelous in this. Damn he...