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  1. Kookamoor

    Recently Finished

    I just finished this recently, too, but I was undecided about it. Not in the writing or the story, but in the flawed nature of the characters. Is creating weak men, in particular a Hornby trait? Frankly, Duncan should have been kicked so far out of that woman's life...
  2. Kookamoor

    Recently Finished

    Ooo! Flowers! Thanks :) Nice to see familiar faces still around the traps!
  3. Kookamoor

    Books with Genius Protagonists?

    Special Topics In Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl. Very intriguing read, which I may need to read a second time to completely understand it. A kind of strange website has also been developed to accompany the book, but definitely don't go there until you read the book.
  4. Kookamoor

    Recently Finished

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieglitz Larsson Bit behind the popular titles at the moment, but I loved this book. My first 'unputdownable' book in a while.
  5. Kookamoor

    Which author would you ... ??

    Terry Goodkind. Unless you're partially to some misogyny in conjunction with a spot of rape and a touch of beastiality. And you'd probably find you never got a resolution to your life, either.
  6. Kookamoor

    Just poking my head in

    Howdy all - just thought of the Forum today and thought I'd poke my head in. I'm really surprised and happy to see so many old names; Monkeycatcher, Still, ABC, Moto... even Stewart! Is Jenn still around? According to my status, I last visited on 4 May 2007, but I haven't been really active...
  7. Kookamoor

    May the Butt Force be with you.

    That's awesome :D We also have laws where you can dob in drivers who dump butts out of their car windows. Not only is this littering, but the danger of bushfires from this practice is very real. What's daft is that NSW still hasn't introduced no smoking in public places as yet. I went out...
  8. Kookamoor

    Forum Etiquette PMs

    I'm going to add a few cents here, because as most of you know I get rather upset/annoyed when I see shirty comments being made to new posters. I can understand where the posts come from in some instances, but it's still about courtesy in the end. ions set up a great thread for students to be...
  9. Kookamoor

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it. I recently went to Alice Springs for the first time and it blew me away how different it is out there. There was a tv show called 'The Alice' as well, but apparently it was mostly set in Sydney. I never saw it, but the locals out in Alice were universally...
  10. Kookamoor

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    I went on a bit of a book buyng frenzy at the weekend at one of my favourite second-hand bookstores. Thank goodness I didn't have cash on me, or I would have shelled out more moolah at the markets I passed by on the way (original score and book of Paul Simon's 'One Trick Pony' movie - aagh! For...
  11. Kookamoor

    Happy Birthday Motokid!

    Happy Birthday Moto Man!!!!
  12. Kookamoor

    Arturo Pérez-Reverte: The Flanders Panel

    I read this one and really liked it (check out the first sentence, it's a pearler). I must say that I did not like the ending That being said, however, I still loved the book, and I thought that it's subject matter was beautiful. It gave me a fresh outlook on the great Masterpieces and...
  13. Kookamoor

    Do you have a tattoo...

    My old neighbour was doing her laundry one day and I noticed the Japanese katakana she had written about her ankle. I asked about it, and she told me it was her name. I asked if she'd been to Japan, and she said that she hadn't, but had liked the idea. I took a closer look and noticed that the...
  14. Kookamoor

    New Site Design - Why?

    Thanks so much for moving the navigation tools to be above the ad at the bottom of the screen!!
  15. Kookamoor

    History of Martial Arts, a view into the origins of the most popular martial arts

    Not sure, but I'll be watching this thread for ideas, as it's interesting to me too. I've seen some books on some martial arts websites, and in some shops that sell martial arts equipment and weapons. Check some of these out, and if you have any results, please post a message!
  16. Kookamoor

    Serious Question for the Ladies

    Not really 'stupid', but oversimplified. I think eyez was looking for a straight-forward response, thinking that it was either happy or angry; in short, polar opposites. Emotions are always far more complicated than a straight-forward response, however, as we should all realise. When you're...
  17. Kookamoor

    New member

    I take your point, Shade, and I know where you are coming from. I certainly do not want to devalue someone who trains for years to perfect their writing skills and is successful at earning money by doing it. However I disagree with your definition. The one thing I liked about Julia Cameron's...
  18. Kookamoor

    Serious Question for the Ladies

    Well, you'd want to look on Wiki or somewhere for sure. I've had a few friends take them and they're generally 2-10 mins. Some give a result after a few minutes, but the instructions may say that you should wait for 10 minutes to be sure. I can imagine that a woman who did not want a pregnancy...
  19. Kookamoor

    New member

    Welcome to TBF, Paul! I think you've justified yourself very well in self-publishing. Some people call it 'vanity publishing', but I think that there's a lot of merit in wanting to hold it in your hand and give something you've laboured long and hard over to friends. Plus, I think giving away...
  20. Kookamoor

    Serious Question for the Ladies

    Yes, you can find the general stuff out on wiki, Stewart, but not the emotional stuff. Most pregnancy tests require you to pee on a stick, which then gives a positive or negative result in a few ways. Different tests take different amounts of time to give a result, and different tests require...