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    Favorite Young adult authors

    No such thing! I'm firmly of the opinion that some of the best books are 'children's books', and some the best writers are those that write for children! The 'Anne books' are old favourites of mine, too. I have to add another recommendation here too, for 'King of Shadows' by Susan Cooper - a...
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    William Golding: Lord Of The Flies

    Loved it! I just finished this book a few hours ago and then this thread caught my eye. I would also recommend this book - I loved it, though it was very disturbing and more horrifying than the type of books I normally read (I'm a big scaredy-cat and usually stay away from horror-type...
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    Piers Anthony

    letterhead - lol - if I ever read a Piers Anthony book again I'll be looking out for the word 'oriented'! IMO, Ogre, Ogre is one of the better Xanth books (along with Castle Roogna, my favourite:))
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    Character's in children's books

    I'm looking for some ideas on the importance of character to children's literature. Is good character the most important plot of a children's novel? And I love to hear some favourite characters - the most memorable from your own youth and the best there are today. I'd love the hear some opinions...
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    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    Morry: "Wrong...: There is another audioversion of Harry Grotter: An American one, dreadful... 'Hey, man, wanna make a bit of magic potion?'" I didn't know about this version untill I came accross it online recently! i tried to download a section but couldn't. Is it really that bad...
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    New to the site

    Hi Vicky! I'm new here too but it seems like such a great, friendly place :D Glad you're enjoying the Hobbit, one of my favourites!
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    Mervyn Peake: Gormenghast

    Is it classed as fantasy? I have not quite finished the first book but I have so far come across nothing which I would normally classify as 'fantasy'. Despite this I was undecided whether to post this thread here or in the Fantasy section.
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    Favourite Poems

    Has anyone got a favourite poem they'd like to share? I'd love to read them. I've seen similar threads on other messageboards, where members post poems they love, and I always like to have a read through, as I would not usually read any poetry. I'll start with a favourite from William...
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    Children's Literature

    I am fascinated by Children's literature and have found some of the comments posted on this board, especially by parents, very interesting. However, all the threads about this topic appear to be 'general' ones, and I'd love to enlarge on some of the discussions in them if anyone would be...
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    Mervyn Peake: Gormenghast

    I have started reading Titus Groan after years of meaning to and am finding it.. unusual. Reading the introduction to the text (written by Anthony Burgess) I was interested in it's apparant status as a classic of literature, though often overlooked. I'd love to get other opinions on this - it's...
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    Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha! I have you now!

    I find this one a difficult question to answer because I have often found that the most effective villain is one who is not neccessarily all bad - as with any good character there are many sides. For example, Sauron's actions were for personal power, he was not always evil but had been...
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    sci-fi & fantasy section?

    I'm glad you said that Prolixic because I have a few books and authors in mind which I'd like to introduce threads for but it seems a waste when there are very few replies (I guess I'm used to a huge messageboard where, if a thread is ignored for long it will quickly fall out of sight and sit...
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    Underlining: Addition or Subtraction

    !!! Underlining books! I would never write in a book I owned but, like lies, I like to read other peoples comments sometimes. The only time I have written in books is during my university course and I often found the notes of others quite useful too! I have recently joined bookcrossing.com and...
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    Jean M. Auel: The Earth's Children Series

    Any Auel fans here? I first picked up The Clan of the Cave Bear aged about fourteen and read it every summer for years before I read the next three. I think that as a 'stand alone' book it's one of my all-time favourites - I can't remember any book which ever made me cry so much (with the...
  15. D

    Piers Anthony

    Prolixic - I don't think I could read eight Xanth novels in a row! You're right, they can get a little tedious, although I enjoyed them when I was younger and still occasionaly do (in small doses!). I've seen them perfectly described as 'popcorn for the brain', light and funny and not to be...
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    Robin McKinley

    Robin McKinley is one of the best discoveries I have made in the past year - a recommendation at Amazon led me to read 'Beauty', and I followed this with 'Deerskin' and 'The Hero and the Crown', and am looking forward to more. Deerskin particularly was quite disturbing in parts and would not be...
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    sci-fi & fantasy section?

    Hi :) I was just wondering if, when you open a new section of the messageboard (eg. Sci-Fi and Fantasy), it would be worth moving existing threads into it if they would fit there better that where they were? (an example of what I mean is that I noticed that there are two threads for the...
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    George R. R. Martin

    I've recently read the first of this series and have just bought the second. I think that Martin has created something different from the usual fantasy bestsellers; the way he is unafraid to kill his characters struck me - it seems to be not a book about specific characters but about the events...
  19. D

    Robert Jordan: Wheel of Time

    I've heard some awful reviews of these books, after the first few. I've had the first one sitting on my bookshelf for ages but am not sure whether to read it and get sucked in to reading all ten if they are not worth the effort! Would you recommend starting the series?
  20. D

    Nick Hornby: About A Boy

    I also enjoyed this book - although it was one I would never have picked up myself; I recieved it as a present. I also liked the recent film starring Hugh Grant, I thought it captured the characters well. It did influence me to try other Nick Hornby's 'How to be Good' but I found this...