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  1. actonbell

    Do you have a tattoo...

    If I could get a tattoo that really looked like a pretty anklet, I would--but I've been told that tattoo artists won't work that close to the bone, for safety reasons.
  2. actonbell

    Jonathan Lethem

    I haven't read anything by Lethem yet, but I have Fortress of Solitude on my TBR pile, too, and am determined to read it sometime this year! I'm glad to hear that so many of you like him.
  3. actonbell

    Your Favourite Things...

    oooo, uplifting thread Eating dinner with my husband. I just got DSL. I love not having dial-up anymore:) Dancing to intoxicating music (with no one watching) Vacationing in Mexico, by the ocean, with nothing on the agenda but reading, sleeping, eating, and getting wet good...
  4. actonbell

    Who is your favourite author, and why?

    I'm glad to hear the endorsement of Neil Gaiman, since I'm determined to read one of his sometime this year! There are lots of authors I admire-- David Foster Wallace Joyce Carol Oates Richard Russo Margaret Atwood Michael Chabon Terry Pratchett Jane Austen Charlotte Bronte...
  5. actonbell


    I just rented Munich, too, and liked it. I thought it carried a couple of important messages--once revenge is taken, the eye-for-an-eye violence will never end. The other point was that revenge makes the oppressed no different from their oppressors.
  6. actonbell

    Susanna Clarke: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

    I'm still reading, but I already agree with Pink Shadow, too: "That's exactly what I love about it, this slow meticolous way of telling a story and the Dickensian feeling resting over it" I never would have thought to pick this one up, if it hadn't been for this forum--so, thanks!:D
  7. actonbell

    Looking For Headache Inducers

    David Foster Wallace's essays are very thought-provoking. His latest collection is called Consider the Lobster. A few years back, he wrote a tome called Infinite Jest, a book that has stimulated much discussion.
  8. actonbell

    please help

    oops, wrong place--never mind
  9. actonbell

    Do you keep books?

    I collect certain authors and also books that I just reallyreally liked. I'm a bookcrosser, too, so I occasionally "wild release" or trade them.
  10. actonbell

    She's never gonna write another Book, again

    Ironically, those recalled books will actually be worth something:D Wow, what a strange story this is--did she do it because she felt pressured to make a deadline? There were 60 passages that were plagarized! What was she thinking?
  11. actonbell

    Pride and Prejudice, 2005

    Hi, Nomadic Myth:) Well, I just have to jump in here and say that I absolutely adore the book--I've read it several times, and also taped the entire hours-long AMC mini-series that came out in--1995, I think. That spoiled me. I'm glad to hear that this movie whetted your appetite to read...
  12. actonbell

    Reading bestsellers

    This is a great thread, very interesting question and discussion:) Right now, the bestsellers list doesn't appeal to me at all (I did read DaVinci Code, wasn't enthralled), but there have been bestsellers that I really liked--The Shadow of the Wind, The Rule of Four, and The Kite Runner, to...
  13. actonbell

    What books have you hated?

    Oh, I agree! I'm not motivated to read another one of his, actually. McEwan's supposed to be a star, but somehow, I'm not enthusiastic about him. As you say, there are SO many others screaming to be read:)
  14. actonbell

    What books have you hated?

    Atonement's author is Ian McEwan (I know I botched the spelling!) I haven't read that one, but I hated another book of his called Amsterdam. However, I was persuaded to try Saturday, and thought it was pretty good.
  15. actonbell

    How often do you read?

    I try to read whenever I get the chance. Unfortunately, I have a couple coworkers who think I read because I have no one to talk to, so the plop down next to me and...start talking. *sigh* Fortunately, I can always read at home!
  16. actonbell

    Terry Pratchett

    I'm enjoying this thread! Last year, I randomly picked up Going Postal while on vacation and enjoyed it so much that I'm determined to read more of the Discworld Series. It sounds like I started with a good one:)
  17. actonbell

    Book nerd level

    Interesting thread! When I go out to the movies, I get there early for a good seat, and read while I'm waiting. This is getting harder, however, because the trailers are now starting sooner--or is that my imagination? I arrange my novels alpa. by author, nonfiction by approximate category, and...
  18. actonbell

    SUPPLEMENTARY POLL!! Themed Reads Part II

    I like all the suggestions, and think this is a great idea. I second the nonfiction theme--there are plenty of excellent memoirs and history books that have caught my eye:)
  19. actonbell

    Kazuo Ishiguro: Never Let Me Go

    ...well-stated, I agree. It's as if they're in a zoo, like animals in captivity. They are detached from their natural environment, and their reactions and different from the outside population's.
  20. actonbell

    Kazuo Ishiguro: Never Let Me Go

    Interesting questions--I think these children had an innate, emotional need for parents, and that was behind the "possibles." I think that's also why Ruth pretended to be getting extra attention from one of the guardians, and exhibited jealous, competitive behavior, too: they were as human as...