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  1. Eswar

    Your favorite fantasy series

    my favorite series is ASOF, and also the king killer chronicles by Patrick rothfuss is also a good one
  2. Eswar

    Book Recommendations Please

    "the name of the wind" by Patrick rothfuss. It Is a good fantasy book and work very intelligent protagonist
  3. Eswar

    Suggestions for detective books

    yeah I read the review of Henning Mankell's Wallander series, it's interesting.i will give it a try. Thanks for recommending.
  4. Eswar

    hello readers

    Thanks buddy.
  5. Eswar

    Any recomendations for psychological thrillers?

    "crime and punishment " by fyodr doslokinov Russian author is about a student who murders a women got money and never regrets it, the novel follows the carry and mouse type psychological games between police and student. He meets a prostitute called Sonya offers redemption to him.
  6. Eswar

    recommended survival/psychological horror books

    Pines by black crouch. The hero is a police officer wakes at a mysterious city and found no way out. It is a quick and entertaining psychological read
  7. Eswar

    Who is your favourite author, and why?

    My all time favourite author is grr martin (game of thrones) he is very matured and understand humans better than any one I know
  8. Eswar

    Suggestions for detective books

    I like Sherlock Holmes and Hercule poirot novels, abd I need books with intelligent protoganist and mind games , I doesn't matter if it is slow paced or long. Thanks guys
  9. Eswar

    Help me find my next series please :)

    LEGEND by marie Lu, it is a good one I have competed it recently. It has good plot, characters, first person narrative, and a lot of action.
  10. Eswar

    New reader novel reccomendations

    you can give a try to"Anna dressed in blood" if you like ya fantasy , out is an easy read with simple language."the giver" and"enders game" are some of the best sci fi novels.
  11. Eswar

    Book Recommendations Please

    "game of thrones" by grr martin if you like epic fantasy,"Anna dressed in blood" is a good ya fantasy. "legend" for sci fi dystopian fans." A walk to remember " is a good contemporary romantic novel.
  12. Eswar

    John Green: The Fault in Our Stars

    I am forced to complete that book, and I completed it in one day,I didn't get bored through out the book but at the end of the book it didn't left me with anything astonishing or any memories.it is an average ya book with wonderful protagonist.
  13. Eswar

    need more book suggestion please!

    try "Anna dressed in blood" by katerin Blake the hero is a ghost hunter and the heroine is a ghost and story pace is very good we will never get bored through out the book.
  14. Eswar

    Hello and Have a nice evening!

    hello welcome to forum, what type of books do you read.
  15. Eswar

    Saying hello

    hai Jordan, I am a student too and I too working on a story. Can I know what are you studying and what types of books do you read.
  16. Eswar

    Hello, I am excited to be here.

    hai jace,I too excited to be here. Can you tell us what are your favourite books
  17. Eswar

    Hai John

    Hai John
  18. Eswar

    hello readers

    actuallly i love reading books, the reason why I am here is to know how the other readers think, my friends doesn't read books so I am alone in this one.i really want to share my thoughts with readers like me. So that's it. Oh I forgot to say "hi guys"
  19. Eswar

    A reader lives thousand other life's before he dies, the one who doesn't read lives only his life

    A reader lives thousand other life's before he dies, the one who doesn't read lives only his life