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  1. rogerflash

    Does anyone know how to save Twitter videos?

    Thank you, guys. You helped me a lot!
  2. rogerflash

    Does anyone know how to save Twitter videos?

    Hi there. I found this video https://twitter.com/80sThen80sNow/status/975694424721231874 And I want to make a collection of such videos on my PC. Do you know how to save Twitter videos? I would really appreciate your help.
  3. rogerflash

    Hunger Games - Movie

    I thoroughly enjoyed both the book and film of "The Hunger Games". The cast was chosen correctly and the scenes were made both hooking and exciting. Despite a few changes to the film from the book, it was a great family film and i encourage you to see it!
  4. rogerflash


    the same situation. I've heard of them a lot. But never got a chance to listen to all their albums. So I know only a couple of songs
  5. rogerflash

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Listen to this one! Alt-J is a great band.
  6. rogerflash

    You favorite place to read?

    trains. It's a perfect place to read. There is nothing elso to do while travelling by train. So I read.
  7. rogerflash

    Word Association