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  1. RosesInHerHair

    Books you'd never let your kids read....

    Anne Coulter *deep shudder* Talk about your bad influances... ;)
  2. RosesInHerHair

    Depression and Readers

    There is a connection between creativity/intelligence and mental illness. There's a book by Kay Redfield Jamison called Touched With Fire that examines the link between creativity and mental disorders such as depression and bipolar. Try googling the book, the link I found was too long...
  3. RosesInHerHair

    Can you ever catch up or is it a losing battle?

    I have the same sort of problem. I feel obligated to read classics and "expand my mind", which takes longer than reading lighter books, so it puts me behind. I should gorge myself on Stephen King novels all summer because once I start college I'll be doing plenty of reading to "expand my mind"...
  4. RosesInHerHair

    Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

    Hannibal Lecter, without a doubt. The release of Hannibal gave so much additional understanding and depth to his character, which had been building through Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs. He has mental capabilities beyond the measure of human beings, which make him seem to be a...
  5. RosesInHerHair

    Are Audiobooks Cheating?

    AngusBenton Just wanted to say I didn't mean any insult by my comment. I knew he was gay from reading the books, and I thought the audiobooks reflected it too. Just a personal observation. Though I don't know him, I'm certain he's a great guy and from the pictures I've seen on his website...
  6. RosesInHerHair

    Greetings from Fort Penguin

    Have a thing for penguins, wanted to be original... :p My name is Sarah. I love reading and writing, always have. I was a very hyper and imaginative little girl, and everyone told my mother I had ADD. However, my doctor insisted otherwise due to the fact that whenever my mother sat me...
  7. RosesInHerHair

    Are Audiobooks Cheating?

    I agree that getting unabridged is a must. What's the point in listening to a book if you've missed out on a bunch of the story? It's like reading every other page of a book. I only get unabridged. Also, a good deal of what I listen to is recent enough that the author is the one reading...
  8. RosesInHerHair

    Are Audiobooks Cheating?

    I know, that's what scares me *eek* I'll have to start absorbing books by osmosis.
  9. RosesInHerHair

    Are Audiobooks Cheating?

    Hello. I'm Sara, I'm 17, and I'm new. Well, I love reading, and I do it whenever I can, but the problem is as I've gotten older my time has become rather thin. My days are filled and by the time I get home at night I have a hard time staying awake in bed to read. I still get books read...