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    Hi Heteronym! Welcome and enjoy your moment here! :)
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    Alternative Hobbies

    I love roller-blading and running!
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    The first sentence in the book you're reading

    The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking by Christopher Hansard.
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    Greetings! From an Asia girl..

    Hi Sergo! How are you? I'm sorry to get it wrong... I think it's been for alot months since I last replied. Sorry for the long absence! Haha :D
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    Greetings! From an Asia girl..

    Hi my dear fellow forum buddies!! Haha... Just to let you all know, I'm back!!! Please visit and vote for my blog when you are free! It's been changed! Changed to http://chewlian.blogspot.com
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    My FIRST Entry On A Website!!

    http://www.sgfriends.net/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=62&mode=&order=0&thold=0 Please feel free to make some comments for me!! Thanks to you all! Hugz! Your comments are all important so I can improve on my next entry. :D You can help me to vote for my blog at...
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    last/next concert ?

    Hmm... The concert I'm going for is on next Sunday. It's a Chinese Orchestra Concert. While, used to perform with orchestra before.
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    Greetings! From an Asia girl..

    Hey! Sergo. so are you still working for DHL?
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    Greetings and salutations

    Hi Steven! Welcome and enjoy!
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    HI there!!

    Am I late? Anyway, Welcome and enjoy!
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    Hi Iam from london

    Welcome DemoPlay! Your penguin is really adorable! Can I hug it?
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    Hi I'm from USA

    Welcome akiraah
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    Hi from Australia.

    Welcome gollum!
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    Hi from Chicago

    Welcome ChiMel!
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    Hello from the UK

    Welcome Sammy!
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    Hello from Russia!

    How I wish to play with snows...
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    Hi from Norway!

    Gee~ Having opportunities to travel around is really wonderful. Anyway, welcome!
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    Best place to read

    I can't really think of any best place to read right now, because the time for me to commute to work is only about 15minutes. Maybe the bext place is still the neighbourhood library... or in the bed!
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    What other hobbies do you enjoy?

    Frankly speaking, my most frequent recent hobbies are sleep, slack, eat, sing, surf net... Getting very lazy to read after I've started to work. Only one. Been asked to read "Who Moved My Cheese" by a friend. The next one is, E.S.B.I... Have'nt really touch it...
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    Songs Stuck In Your Head

    "Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy" by Tata Young Was seduced by it when I heard for the first time.