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    Vote: July 2014

    Hi Polly, I'm new to the forums so forgive me if I'm voting incorrectly.....but I'd like to vote for: Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis For the simple fact that I like the name of the title:)
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    Dan Simmons: Ilium

    Ooh! This sounds awesome! Just added it to my book list. Thanks for the recommendation!
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    Has Anyone Read This Book?

    It didn't seem like self promotion, but even still I think I'll check it out, just to support a fellow author. Besides I love paranormal!
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    Your favorite fantasy series

    I just finished the Unseen series by Richie Tankersley Cusick. It was interesting, though the internal dialogue got a little wearisome at times. However the ending surprised me, which rarely happens. I would recommend them if you want a short series of books that you can read in a few days. It's...
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    Your favorite fantasy series

    Discworld, that's Terry Pratchett right? I started these and enjoyed them for awhile, but I never went passed Mort. It got a little tedious for me. Perhaps this summer I'll finish the series. (Though I love Death, he's my favorite character!)
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    Your favorite fantasy series

    I'm with you there! I love the Sword of Truth series. I fell in love with Richard and Kahlan....and I wasn't a fantasy reader until Terry Goodkind. Now, its my favorite genre.
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    Who is your favourite author, and why?

    My all time favorite author: Terry Goodkind. Why? Honestly I fell in love with Richard and Kahlan. He did such a great job developing his characters in the Sword of Truth series (though his first book was a bit rough—however he only got better). I devoured all 12 books, though I believe he has...
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    Hi! This is actually my first forum post ever....yes, yes, I know, but really I haven't been living under a rock, I swear. Actually I've avoided forums because I see how they suck people in. However, I seek to learn, I obsessively read, I'm passionate about writing, and I love to share. I...