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    Space Shuttle - For What?

    Er. . . Ms. You asked about what people want leckert, so I addressed that, but now you want to talk about what actually happens I guess. It makes sense, cause that way, we're both right. . . . but those cuts to soldier's pay and benefits don't come from at the behest of peaceniks who want to...
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    Space Shuttle - For What?

    posted by leckert: Oh that is such bullshit. People who object to our military spending rarely to never mean or mention CoL expenses, pay, or benefits of individual soldiers, nor are they referring to the legitimate costs of their equipment or supplies. The objections to military...
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    Politics Primer

    I'm both adding to this thread and bumping it for a similar query. Anyhoo, this site The Political Compass has a very fascinating quiz that throws off the old "Left-right" paradigm for an x/y grid instead. But in addition to that, they provide a great book list for each of the four...
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    Space Shuttle - For What?

    Um, guys, NASA is vital to our understanding of our oceans. We gain invaluable data from satellite views; information we could never generalize from in situ studies alone, though they are equally important and probably are neglected in our hunger to make use of new technologies. But NASA...
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    Torture - What is it? What's acceptable in 2005?

    Alright! My kind of thread! Wow, there is so much to reply to here, so I'll just go with my main idea first, and reserve the right to post again later. Posted by MotoKid: You know, there is one huge aspect WRT to this question that I am very distressed to say has not gotten nearly the...
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    When the condom breaks...

    Questions like this make me realize what an ugly person I can be, and I really don't like plumbing those depths. But I'll play anyway. Fred Phelps is my final answer.
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    Usernames!!!! How did you get yours?

    I used to use basically the same themes to create all of my user names at different forums. They always played on my politics or my birthplace or both. But now, I'm not proud or enthusiastic about either of those things, don't know what to do about it, and don't really think doing anything...
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    smoking in public laws

    The thing I've never gotten about smoking is why laws need to be involved at all. It seems like a real simple issue of the markets involved. Non smokers and smokers alike would both pay for certain services that provide them maximum comfort. But the laws screw all that up. Why aren't...
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    Who do you Marry & how do you know they are the one?

    I plea not guilty and I am outraged by the slur on my good posting name. I was just talking sociology. . . ah, yeah, that's it. No religion to it, just boring old soch. Controversial you say? How could it be, when I slept through the class I supposedly learned it in? No whiff of...
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    getting angry?

    Oh, yeah, characters in books torque me off all the time. I'm such a nut crusher, but guys in novels always make me furious when they start acting pissy. And shallow, turdly women work me up even more. I shout at the books sometimes when I'm reading and get like this. It's kind of...
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    Is this right?

    I'd love to read more about this, but the Chicago Tribune's process for registering is exasperating, and I'm still not able to get to the darned story. Anyway, was this done under "imminent domain" laws, or what? What's the new "hook" if not? Or if someone could just give me the details...
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    Who do you Marry & how do you know they are the one?

    Moto, from a sociological perspective, the organization of a religious group also counts in how it is classified, and there are four ways terms involved. My explanations wouldn't be perfect if you read them with a mind to critique, but they get the idea across, even while being completely off...
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    Who do you Marry & how do you know they are the one?

    I'm not married, so maybe, this question isn't intended for me. But I was once engaged, and ending it was the weightiest and most consequential decision I have ever made for myself; so I do know how you find out someone is not "the one", or even "a one". I agree with you Motokid, on...
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    General Chat Divided - Yay or Nay

    I think Wolhay nailed it. Without which we're allowed to discuss religion or politics, what would be the point of the split? I voted no. If R&P were going to be allowed on the non fluffy side, I'd say the opposite though.
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    Pointless question time!

    What a thread! I can roll and curl my tongue and have been known to tie cherry strings in knots without my hands. But I am most proud of having learned to flip a lit ciggie in and out of my mouth.
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    Is it healthy to excessively think about your dreams or take pleasure in them?

    If I recall my dreams, then they were usually very vivid, sensual, and full of imagery. And I get preoccupied with them too lovermuffin, but I wouldn't let it worry you or anything. If you're like me, they probably reflect a theme you already have on your mind. When I've been...
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    Predict the outcome of the MJ case

    I'm not positive what all the charges are, but I think he will be found guilty on all the sort of "piddly" associated ones (like perhaps "contributing to the delinquency...") and also guilty on at least one charge of sexual assault, or child molestation or one of the "big" charges. His jury...
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    What did Thumper's Daddy say?

    Oh feet! Ouchie, I broke my freaking second toe about three hours ago on a wall I really should have been familiar enough not to slam it into. Just reading the word feet makes it hurt more. How can something so darn little hurt so bad? But FTR, because I'm so anal and always have to...
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    Dan Brown: The Da Vinci Code

    That is certainly a completely misleading statement that Dan Brown deserves full knocks for IMO. Les Dossiers Secrets were a hoax. But I have a problem with some of these rebuttal sites and how much emphasis they place on Pierre Plantard. His "PoS" only proves that he used the "Priory"...
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    And just to piss everybody off ...

    I'm solidly in the puppy camp myself, though I hold no ill will towards felines or thier owners/fans. It's funny though, on another board I participate in, there 's this thread called something like "Why do cats provoke irrational hatred?" IIRC, it went to 20 pages or so, and then Part II...