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  1. MG Schoombee

    Author Interview

    Check out my interview with Jackson Baer... http://wp.me/p8SDUS-64
  2. MG Schoombee

    I am a Universe of secrets !

    The moonlight shone through the cracks in the roof. Moonbeams slipped to the dirty rubbish filled floor. It creaked and moaned as he marched up and down between the bed and side-table. He mumbled and ranted fighting the voices in his head. The angel and demon fought, debating the light and...
  3. MG Schoombee

    Death, Drama, and Daryl.

    I must admit I never liked zombies or any movie, book or series about them. Friends and family tried to convince me for years to watch the Walking Dead. Nope. I don’t like zombies. Way, way too far-fetched. Really. The dead walking and feeding, really? I prefer flying dragons and singing fae...
  4. MG Schoombee

    Flowers for Caroline.

    I pulled my coat tighter around my body and dug my face deeper into my scarf and hat. The full moon shone silver rivulets in the graveyard. I glanced around, only ancient tombs surrounded me. Fear danced in my stomach. “You’re crazy, a woman alone in the cemetery, at night and on a full moon?”...
  5. MG Schoombee

    Raphael and the Cosmic Kickers - the new soul of rock!

    I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the handsome lead singer and guitarist of the new up and coming band, The Cosmic Kickers, who has been rocking the British Isles recently. As Raphael strolled in, I could see why his Twitter and Facebook pages have been climbing through the roof. He is...
  6. MG Schoombee

    The vampires of Arach.

    There are many different versions of how vampires came to be in our realm here on earth. John Polidori’s version in The Vampyre and even the modern version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, are some of the more popular. However, in the Arach series, the Vampires originated among the gods. Ull was a...
  7. MG Schoombee

    What does it mean to be free?

    Freedom is such a controversial subject. All over the world people are fighting or demonstrating for freedom. But what does it actually mean? For the caged and abused animals of this cruel world, it means a first time run in fields of green. An exhilarating jump out of the vast, free oceans...
  8. MG Schoombee

    Because I want to ..

    Spring is in the air, soon flowers will start to bloom and you can feel the anticipation. New life crawling over the coldness of winter. This is my favorite time of the year. You can feel the hope in the air. Everything is clear and pretty and fresh. But this is also a very sad time for me. For...
  9. MG Schoombee

    A little bit of dust..

    Do you believe in faeries? Not the sweet little Barbie-like perfect winged creatures created by Hollywood. No. Real faeries. Do you believe? I have this absolute fascination with the fae. I read everything about them, follow blogs about them. Collect them. I have many hanging from the roof in my...
  10. MG Schoombee

    My soul yearns for Ireland.

    Since I can remember I had this yearning to go to Ireland. I love the green hues dancing among the hills. I’m intrigued by the myths and legends of the fae and lost kingdoms of Ireland. I love the music. I adore the men. I love their accent. I had plans on going for a few years, but life...
  11. MG Schoombee

    I Love Trees!

    I love trees. I really, really love trees. I get very upset with idiotic people cutting them down. Beautiful full-grown or young, any tree. WHY? So upset that I scream at them from my car — Murderers! All I get is that — crazy lady, run look. Why do it? Trees are so magnificent. Beautiful...
  12. MG Schoombee

    Arach: An Ardú - The Rising

    Prophecies are revealed and come to pass. The gods play their games in ancient crystal caves. Unknown and extinct beings join the struggle. New and old friends gather in forgotten realms to fight the darkness rising over our earth. The sun grows weaker day by day preparing for the end of times...
  13. MG Schoombee

    Arach -Whispering Souls

    Raphael and his gang of otherworldly beings continue on their epic road trip to share their music with the world. Their trip takes unwanted turns as they meet up with supernatural dangers taking them to death's door. Surprising new friends cross their path as they venture into the other realms...
  14. MG Schoombee


    I'm a new member here and just wanted to say Hi everyone ;)
  15. MG Schoombee


  16. MG Schoombee

    Arach - Within Lie Dragons

    Vampires, werewolves, faeries, dwarfs and humans rise up to fight against the evil races of darkness, who are working together to push earth to its final stand. To the “Ragnarck” of all living things. Raphael has to discover the powerful being within, and be the connection between all races...