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    A question for the writers amongst us...

    Well, I think that it's most important to write for yourself first and foremost but if you want to get published, you obviously need to write for an audience too. You may get published eventually, but it'll be a lot harder. From what I've read, some authors write a book that they think will get...
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    Need Help 2 Select A Good Manga!!!

    I read shojo manga, although I like other manga too.
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    The Sword of Truth - Terry Goodkind

    Ah, Terry Goodkind. One of my 'obsessions' (I've had a fair few) I picked up Goodkind (Temple of the Winds--book 4 in the series) because it had a pretty cover. I have to say, from the first sentence of Totw "Let me kill him" I was hooked. Then I read the rest of the series and I bought...
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    Do you ever reread your books?

    I used to re-read books so much that I could memorise whole chapters (did this for Ballet Shoes when I was about 7 or so) and Harry Potter (about 3 years ago). I mean, I didn't reread Harry Potter as much as some people, but I did re-read it a few times, which was enough to win any kind of Harry...
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    Do you read 'literature'?

    I just signed up to the forum and I must have missed the thread when I did my general read-through. I started reading very young. I've always loved words and I read compulsively when I was little. I remember reading all the books in the Infants book section in primary school and the teacher...
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    Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

    Female characters: Terry Goodkind--Cara Loretta Chase--Jessica Trent Jane Austen--Elizabeth Bennet Male characters: Loretta Chase--Dain Anne Rice--Lestat de Lioncourt Fuyumi Soryo--Rei Kashino (manga boy--the ULTIMATE) Note the absence of Mr Darcy. Yes, I do love him but I read...
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    Do you read 'literature'?

    I was having a coffee with two friends from my English class the other day and I was going on about my new favourite genre--romance. One friend was really surprised and said she expected me to read books that thick with lots of difficult to understand words. Thing is, I gave up on reading...