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    Restoring Fiction Magazines (And why they are having troubles)

    Sorry about that. I can't remember everything I wrote before but you probably know the story without my reciting it. If it makes you feel any better, things are no different in the U.S. I saw some numbers in Locus a few years back that listed the paid circulations for SF, fantasy and horror...
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    P.G. Wodehouse

    Re: Jeeves .
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    I have a translation of this in three volumes under the title Journey to the West. I've not read it yet. Still finishing another epic, The Night Land by WH Hodgson. John
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    Writers page w/photographic menu

    Thanks for mentioning that. I've seen that on pages but I didn't know what it was called or how to do it. After you said "alt tag", I looked it up and added it to the page. Now the ID pops up over the image when you hover. :D
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    Writers page w/photographic menu

    I've added a writers page to my site with a menu of photographs. Hover your pointer over each face to get the name of the writer. So far, each writers page consists only of a link or three. I'll be adding more later, but for now the main item of interest for me is seeing the faces of some of...
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    I need some recommendation please!!

    I recently read The Golden Age by John C. Wright, which was good. That is an elaborate story set in the far future where almost everything occurs in a kind of dream space. At the beginning of the story, the main character Phaethon discovers that he has committed a crime that he doesn't...
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    Umberto Eco

    On Eco and the other authors mentioned here: I have read Perez-Reverte's The Flanders Panel. I did not care for it much and, as is often the case with books I don't like, I can now barely remember it. It has been ten years since I last read Eco. I first read Foucault's Pendulum in '90...
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    has there been any movie that was......

    Mike, I don't think it's unfair at all to compare a movie with a short story. It's not as if most of us give points for length. Short stories are often better than the adaptations of them. The Conan stories were adapted into a movie, but I don't think that Conan the Barbarian was better...
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    Where i can find author's bibliography

    Just do a yahoo search: Wodehouse, bibliography Stapledon, bib... etc. That should find what you want.
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    Hey Everyone...

    I don't claim to be especially familiar with the affair but judging from some of what I've read ( http://www.guardian.co.uk/archer/ ), the next Archer novel might very well be set in prison. Or else, his next publication may be his prison diaries. Have you followed this?
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    Hey Everyone...

    Hello. I enjoy Poe, Stevenson and Wilde. Lately, I've been reading and enjoying Tennyson (In Memorium) and Thomas Hobbes. As far as current writers go, I don't find much that I like, although I go through periods of trying. I liked Douglas Adams, though, which is odd, because he never...
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    James Joyce: Ulysses

    No confusion. I've met both those books. I read one of Rand's books a long time ago; Anthem. At the time, I wasn't much taken by it, but I don't remember it being notably bad either. Fountainhead may be an entirely different story. This author just came up on another board that I...
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    James Joyce: Ulysses

    Ulysses I hear of few who encounter this book without having the same trouble and expressing the same dissatisfaction. Most people are in great measure sociable and agreeable by nature. If they hear that something is very good, and if the opinion seems more or less universal among those who...
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    help need new crime author

    That makes three of us, although I enjoyed The Alienist. It's been a while since I've read AofD, but I do remember the alienist continually abusing a lower class character throughout the book, for nothing more than being an annoyance to him, while that same alienist was overflowing with the...