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  1. D

    Thread Subscription

    Can someone please take my email from the database, I have been hacked and like to keep my email box clear, I don't need reminders to come here. Thanks in Advance, Roger.
  2. D

    Returning member from ages ago

    Hi, I've been away for a while too
  3. D

    favorite song?

    Too many to mention, mostly Blues, the latest CD I had yesterday 'The Fabulous Thunderbirds' there a song I like called 'Diamonds won't Kiss you Back' I like most songs by Tom Waits
  4. D

    Olen Steinhauer

    Hi klunker.....Thanks, I'll order them from my Library, stopped buying books, there's no room for any more shelves. s'cuse me if I skip the intro
  5. D

    Reading the book, when you have seen the movie?

    Maybe you disliked the film due to the fact there's no music, if you gave it another go you may notice this even more...........read the book and move on.
  6. D

    When you listen to a new CD,

    Any doubt about me not liking a CD I don't buy it!
  7. D

    Reading the book, when you have seen the movie?

    Mostly I prefer to read the book first..prime example 'No Country for Old Men'
  8. D

    John Grisham: The Appeal

    Just started 'The Innocent Man' I hope he finds another true story sometime. Waiting for anything by Ken Bruen and/or Andrew Vachss :cool:
  9. D

    Favorite female singers

    Bettye Lavette is without doubt the Queen of Soul.
  10. D

    Everyones favorite types of music!??!

    Blues! I am a moderator (Trivia I.Q) on The Blindman's Blues Forum, pop along and check it out, and say Taff sent you. :cool:
  11. D

    The Masters of Hard-Boiled Detectives

    Yeah! Crumley is one of the best, I just wish he would write more, I've just read Ken Breun's 'Priest' Jeez I wish they (Who in the Hell is THEY!) would make a film of it, I have a feeling that the people who remained (some may walk out?) would stay seated at the end completly Gobsmacked...
  12. D

    Hi from Wales

    Good point there Motokid, are rivers reincarnated? they must be! they flow down to the sea then evaporate up into the sky and fall as rain and away to go again.
  13. D

    The Masters of Hard-Boiled Detectives

    To start off on Bruen I would recommend "The White Trilogy" after that there's no looking back! your hooked on his style that makes other writers of this genre seem diluted, for some it may be irritating that he quotes other writers paragraphs, but for me it's an added bonus if you wish to...
  14. D

    Hi from Wales

    Thanks for the welcome Nighthawk! my name was going to be Otis B Driftwood but I found out it's the name of a horse, and probably a Blues singer, (my other two favourite things) :cool:
  15. D

    The Masters of Hard-Boiled Detectives

    Ken Bruen? Hi, I am brand new here, got down here as fast as I could! are there any Ken Bruen fans here? I'm looking for writers that come close, many thanks!
  16. D

    Hi from Wales

    Greetings from the Rhymney Valley Delta (once the oldest river in the World) I have not got around to finding an avatar/signature yet, I guess you will find me down in the Hard Boiled Crime mostly, who knows! :cool: