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  1. marsbar007

    Poets of 2008

    I have been involved with the poets of today since 1995. We first met first in a program called excite chat in 1995. I left that program in 2000, and went to a program called voodoochat. There I only stayed in the poetry room. They changed the name of that now to noetry. I am the only poet left...
  2. marsbar007

    Emily Dickinson

    Emily She had her own drama between her man, and her boss. It all speaks of it in the 5th Edition of American poetry. Not Emily! :D
  3. marsbar007

    Bonjour and hi to you all

    The forum looks interesting, and I will enjoy reading what others have to say. I am a newly published author of two books. Edible Poetry just was released Jan 21st You can find it under my url in my profile or go to dear.to/poetry My other book being released in a couple weeks is called...