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Search results

  1. olbreeze

    January 2011: Iain Banks: The Wasp Factory

    i promise to take part in this one!
  2. olbreeze

    What are you listening to Right now?

    YouTube - Hermeto Pascoal - Música da Lagoa
  3. olbreeze


    Вы, ребята, сумасшедшие
  4. olbreeze

    The Walking Dead

    the second episode was crazy!!! i didn't like the zombie jumping the fence though...
  5. olbreeze

    Suggestions: February 2011 BOTM

    i've already started the warm up for pride and prejudice and zombies... i've just watched "28 days later" and "dawn of the dead"
  6. olbreeze

    Weird Book

    Make You Own Sex Toys ! the front is hilarious!!!
  7. olbreeze

    JK Rowling hints at three more Harry Potter novels

    oh no, this means that my expensive Harry Potter boxed-set will be out-of-date very soon :sad:
  8. olbreeze

    My First Tattoo!

    tatoos related to Tolkien, of course !!! stuff written in elvish and all !!! :lol:
  9. olbreeze

    Suggestions: February 2011 BOTM

    works for me...
  10. olbreeze

    My First Tattoo!

    tatoos are chick magnet ! wait a minute, this brings us back to the topic...
  11. olbreeze

    Signature help pl

    or if you're a very close friend to the moderators, of course :cool:
  12. olbreeze

    Signature help pl

    i think you can only do that 10 minutes after the time you've posted... something like that...
  13. olbreeze

    Today Was A Bad Day For Me:

    ... ask for salt and tequila!!!
  14. olbreeze

    Last seen...

    X Files - I Want to believe :stars4:
  15. olbreeze

    How do you decide your next book?

    what makes me buy a book is usually recommendations. from "real" friends or the virtual ones.the threads here about likes and dislikes also help a lot. and of course the lists: a 1000 books you must read before die, for instance... when i buy online i always know already what am i going to buy...
  16. olbreeze


    cool! those replies are very inspiring! supernatural will be my next series!!! \o/
  17. olbreeze

    Variety of ways to write english sentences in different styles

    iv read once one book that told the same one page story about 40 times, in different styles; but don't remember the name... it's an interesting idea because it makes us think about our own style of writing and gives ideas about how to improve it (or change it at least)...
  18. olbreeze

    Today Was A Bad Day For Me:

    just relax and chill with us :)
  19. olbreeze


    Hi all, I'm thinking about investing some of my spare time watching Supernatural, after the opinion of an X-files addicted friend of mine; anyone who's watched this series has an opinion on it?
  20. olbreeze

    Last seen...

    Season one is pretty cool! my preferred episodes are: Ice and Fallen Angels... re-watching is a good idea, i'll do that if the lack of good series persists.. :cool: