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  1. Shirororasuketo


  2. Shirororasuketo

    Archie Comics

    ooooo I like Betty ^^ Im a little iffy about Archie though..... he just cant make up his darn mind .... he's kinda a cheater too
  3. Shirororasuketo

    Just signing on for a hi.

    Just signing on for a hi.
  4. Shirororasuketo

    Ghost Girl by Tonya Hurley

    Yes I loved it very much. I'm not going to spoil anything but I felt kinda disappointed and upset about the ending. I'm going to start the second book now. It's a really good book.
  5. Shirororasuketo

    Favorite Manga of all time

    I will say Fruits Basket. It was my first Completed Manga.
  6. Shirororasuketo

    Im new yay.

    Im new yay.
  7. Shirororasuketo

    Ghost Girl by Tonya Hurley

    A discussion about the novel by Tonya Hurley "Ghost girl" tell me about your opinions, likings, and disliking about this book.