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Search results

  1. phil_t

    Does inaccurate historical facts affect your enjoyment of historical fiction?

    What no reply from Stewie on this one!! I don't dare mention the DV book in his presence, but I know nothing gets him going more than a good case of historical inaccuracy :) Phil
  2. phil_t

    Is your IQ above 160?

    Well, that proved almost nothing to me except that my brain now hurts! Phil
  3. phil_t

    Your Most Memorable Sci-Fi Book(s)

    I have just finished Joe Haldeman's Forever War and found it quite an interesting read, although it doesn't have quite the impact now that it probably had back in the day. Phil
  4. phil_t

    How frequently do you visit the forums...

    Not nearly as often as I should .... Phil
  5. phil_t

    Your Most Memorable Sci-Fi Book(s)

    I am trying to get back into reading all the classic SF novels I should have read years ago. Currently have Stranger in a Strange Land and Ringworld out from the library, and there are other great suggestions in this thread. My personal faves (I think most have been mentioned here already)...
  6. phil_t

    Looking for a book similar to Brave New World

    I would like to add Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A Heinlein. Phil
  7. phil_t

    Harry Potter Seventh Book Pre-Sales Speculations and Discussions

    Hmm, hadnt noticed that before ... there is a house elf riding on Harry's back holding a sword. Dobby presumably. Phil
  8. phil_t

    Jasper Fforde -cool stuff!

    Yeah, I might stick around for a while :) Nice to be remembered!! Phil
  9. phil_t

    J.R.R. Tolkien: The Children Of Hurin

    Christopher Tolkien has previously released an exhaustive 12-book (I think thats right) history of Middle Earth based on his father's notes, but I believe that they were histories and tales, certainly nothing like a fully-fledged novel. I havnt ever read any of them, so I cant account for what...
  10. phil_t

    J.R.R. Tolkien: The Children Of Hurin

    It does seem to be presented more as a novel rather than as the histories that he wrote up from his father's notes. If it is then it will be very interesting to see his style of writing and how close it matches up to the tone of Lord of the Rings. Phil
  11. phil_t

    your top ten tv shows

    In no particular order, my favorite series that are still running (because I'm too lazy to pick ten all-time faves!): 1.Lost 2.Heroes 3.Stargate 4.Prison Break 5.CSI 6.Smallville 7.Grey's Anatomy 8.House 9.Battlestar Galactica 10.Firefly - Okay, not running anymore, but fantastic...
  12. phil_t

    Promoting B&R Offline?

    I dont suppose there is anyway you could make contact with a major book retailer such as Waterstones and try to convince them to advertise the site? Failing that, you might be able to create some sort of advertising poster or somesuch that people could print off and try to convince their small...
  13. phil_t

    SF Series Recommendations

    I would recommend Richard Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs series: Altered Carbon Broken Angels Woken Furies Great sci-fi which has a small tendency towards cyberpunk at times, but is always thought-provoking and fast-moving. Not one for the kids though, fairly graphic violence, sex and even...
  14. phil_t

    Jasper Fforde -cool stuff!

    I read The Big Over Easy a little while ago, and it was really terrific. I hadnt enjoyed Something Rotten quite as much as the rest of the Thursday Next series, so this new direction was terrific. Loving all the (sometimes obscure) nursery rhyme references, and its great trying to spot them...
  15. phil_t

    J.R.R. Tolkien: The Children Of Hurin

    Dont all look confused now, I know he's been dead for quite a long time, but Tolkien is bringing out a new book :eek: The Children of Hurin From Amazon's synopsis: Well, I dont know how anybody else feels about this, but I will wait to see how this matches up to his other writings. I...
  16. phil_t

    Books you didn't finish

    I know that its supposed to be wonderful, but I gave up on one of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's books after about fifty pages. Dont even remember which one to be honest, possibly Love in the time of Cholera, all I can remember is that it has something to do with chess. Anyway, I didnt get into the...
  17. phil_t

    Susanna Clarke: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

    Well, its certainly a slog, but well worth sticking with in my opinion. The writing style is something that takes a little while to get to grips with, especially in the first few hundred pages or so when the story drags, but it has some brilliant moments. Definately not a casual read, but...
  18. phil_t

    Favourite King Movie, and Book

    For favorite book, I really liked The Stand. Favorite movie ... well I love Shawshank, but the movie doesnt bear all that much relation to the short story, so I would have to say Misery is the one that does it for me :) Phil
  19. phil_t

    Dark Future Sci Fi Novels

    Richard Morgan writes good books that fit into this category ... check out Altered Carbon. Phil
  20. phil_t

    Have we lost Stewart too?

    You people are all very strange ... <mutters about the good old days>