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  1. Book Worm

    So next week Scotland votes for independence from the UK

    Indeed, the SNP has taken many seats, especially from Labour. With the Conservatives having full control of the country, I'm sure Mr Cameron will see Scotland right.
  2. Book Worm

    Hi everyone

  3. Book Worm

    Hello Everyone!

  4. Book Worm

    Greetings and Salutaions

    Welcome Enephst, I hope that this forum can become the haven that you feel is home.
  5. Book Worm

    So next week Scotland votes for independence from the UK

    I see the SNP are attempting to establish a place in Westminster. Unfortunately Labour will not contribute to any deal with the SNP, thus I doubt the SNP will have an influential fingerprint on the running of the country. Relating back to your original and previous post, you are still...
  6. Book Worm

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Thank you for posting this video A Listener; my current computer does not have speakers, however I will be able to view the video on my phone later on today.
  7. Book Worm

    Hi guys!

    Welcome to the site! I agree with sparkchaser; your English is good and I doubt we will have any difficulty understanding you.
  8. Book Worm


    Thank you for your messages. Enephst, allow me to welcome you here too.
  9. Book Worm

    Spam Feature Added

    I found out that it was because the authors name was hyper-linked. I appreciate your response. ;)
  10. Book Worm

    Want your kids to read?

    Thank you for supplying the link; I'm afraid at present I know of no children that may want to begin reading, however if I do, I shall direct them to your channel.
  11. Book Worm

    Are Audiobooks Cheating?

    I don't think so; I find an audiobook most relaxing whilst taking a warm bath with a glass of Rosè.
  12. Book Worm

    Brand new and spanking new at that!

    A warm welcome here, I confess I am new too. I look forward to your posts.
  13. Book Worm

    Harry Potter Rocks!

    Yes, I agree with you. I can say with great assurity that I will not be reading any Harry Potter books in the future; to be irrevocably honest, I do not enjoy the films either. I'm afraid this is about taste and what my tastes are in literature may not be another's. For the Harry Potter...
  14. Book Worm

    Harry Potter Rocks!

    I have to confess, I have not read any Harry Potter books.
  15. Book Worm

    Star Wars: The Force awakens

    I'm looking forward to it.
  16. Book Worm

    New BAR Admins - SuperReaderGirl & Nifty - Saying Hello

    A welcome, however late, from me.
  17. Book Worm

    Need suggestions for violent books with twists & turns

    Cows by Matthew Stokoe. Although I have not read this novel, I believe it would suit your specifications.
  18. Book Worm


    Welcome Books & Bobs, I am new here too and would like to wish you luck in your writing endeavors.
  19. Book Worm

    Forum Software Updated - Poll Editing, Quick Quote, Etc.

    These seem like good changes. As I am a new member, I did not experience the previous software version here, however on another forum I am a Senior Moderator whereas our running platform is XenForo like this one.