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    Hamlet's age

    That question has been tossed around a lot, and pretty much hasn't led to a general consensus. From the various adaptations onscreen, Hamlet's age ranges from that of around 18 to as old as possibly 35. The "contemporary" adaptations, in my guess an attempt to lure in young audience members...
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    Race Relations in Early America

    Thanks, bobbyburns. I'll check that site out.
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    Race Relations in Early America

    I recently found my missing copy of David R. Roediger's The Wages of Whiteness. For anyone interested in race relations nd ethnic stereotypes that buttressed prejudice of white blue collar workers against the African American community in early American history, this is a fantastic...
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    Continental Drift

    Has anyone here heard any information about an adaptation of Russell Banks's novel Continental Drift? I've tried some investigation on my own, to no avail. It's a fantastic story, and I'd really love to see what a director could do with a film adaptation.