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    How many books have you read?

    hmm.. i'm 55, i've been reading since i could... i can read a slim book in a matter of hours, a thick one in a few days, and there's never been a time in my life where i have not read books.. there's no way i could even guess at how many..
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    Why you read books ?

    at this stage of my life, i read purely for entertainment..
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    Book Shelf Or Shelve Books?!

    i tend to keep every book i bring into the house, regardless of whether i will ever read it again.. altho i do re-read, and i know there are lots in there i could enjoy again. sometimes i'll take a few to a book exchange or second hand store and come home with as many as i left with, or more...
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    Good books wanted

    maybe you should be browsing the scifi/fantasy shelves in your local bookshop? there are so many good books that would fit your need for another world, but it's all down to personal taste really..
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    Top 10 books you love

    all the books i love are mostly all scifi or fantasy.. i read them as they provide an escape from the ordinary world, and altho i do not learn anything from them, they provide relaxation, and exercise my imagination.. listing them all would not really be of any benefit to anyone reading...
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    What do bookworms do for exercise?

    i may be a bookworm, but that doesn't stop me trying to stay fit and healthy.. this includes my home gym, walking and just lately, the Wii Fit! :D
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    Long Series'

    if the story takes my fancy, it can run into as many books as the author likes to write.. but! i think Robert Jordan's demise before he finished WOT is an example other authors should steer well clear of..
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    The Library on the Wall

    similar to kingfishfan15 here.. we turned the second largest bedroom into the 'library' in our house, altho it's full. the bookcases line the walls and are double stacked, and i have books stacked in between bookcases as well.. if you stack books with books as shelves too, it works as long as...
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    What do you pay for gas?

    Australian petrol prices are currently going through the roof! i've heard of up to $AU1.70 a -litre- altho i only paid $AU1.51 a litre yesterday where i am.. i'm only glad my husband's company pays for his petrol, or he couldn't afford to drive to work...
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    Your favorite fantasy series

    Sword of Truth suffers in the same way as Wheel of Time - too many books spread over too many years... but at least it's finished. :)
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    Your favorite fantasy series

    A Song of Ice and Fire - George R R Martin.. and i am waiting for the next one... waiting..... Robin Hobb's Farseer Series comes in as a close second...
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    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    last books purchased: His Dark Materials trilogy, bought after watching the Golden Compass movie.. Robin Hobb's Forest Mage (already had the first in this series), Dragon Master (omnibus edition of this trilogy) by Chris Bunch, and Ken Follet's World Without End, because i remember enjoying...
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    Recommend a very good (semi-)obscure fantasy/sf book

    well.. it was 'obscure' to me.. Stephen Leigh's book, A Quiet of Stone, which i have since found out is the last book in his Neweden series: Slow Fall to Dawn, Dance of the Hag, and A Quiet of Stone. i will be looking out for the first two books now.