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    Bret Easton Ellis

    for me his best book that I have read having read less than zero american psycho lunar park american psycho is by far the best I liked the way it was written in the madness of the psychopaths head the inane ramblings etc-cleverly done
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    Philippa Gregory

    I liked the tudor court novels, some were better than others but overall having read the constant princess the other boleyn girl the queens fool the boleyn inheritance the virgins lover I think they are entertaining and are a good way to start reading historical novels about this...
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    The Road

    I loved this book, although it was quite frustrating to never be told quite what happened to the world or their names I found it a good read, depressing, bleak and poetic at times in its descriptions of the scenery etc. I must see the film when it comes out this week!
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    Best Place to Buy Used Books!??!

    I use play.com they often have used books in the titles I want and its free delivery in the uk too :)
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    Help a newbie pic his next book

    Don't know if you have tried any historical novels? suggestions here :) Birdsong by Sebastian Faulk ....kept me turning the pages! The Emperor Series by Conn Iggulden I loved these books!
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    Alternating Genres?

    I don't stick to one genre but I get obsessions, at the moment I am into historical fiction and non fiction about a particular era, I will read a lot about this then move on maybe read a random classic or a random thriller then drift into another obsession perhaps with a particular author and...
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    do you keep track of the books you read?

    I keep a mental record but I think I will start making a list and comments on each book, good plan!:)
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    The Last Book You Read

    The last book in the Emperor series By Conn Iggulden, I loved it, in fact I loved all 4 books :)
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    What books have you read in 2008?

    What I remember Birdsong Charlotte Grey The Emperor series by Conn Iggulden The druid king If you could see me now Chesil Beach The girl at the the Lion D'or American Psycho Zeldas cut The first Casualty Viking series book 2 Women in love
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    What is your all time favourite Crime, Mystery or Thriller?

    I like crime and punishment, it has crime and suspense it kept me hooked!
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    Manda Scott: Boudica books

    Yeah I took the plunge and ordered the first book I think it should be good! I think they are fairly historically accurate as far as what records are available about Boudica, I read the authors historical note in the back when I was in borders checking the book out and she seems to have...
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    Recomendations Please!!

    How about Interview with a vampire and the vampire chronicles-Anne Rice Frankenstein-Mary Shelley Uncle Silas-Sheridan le Fanu Woman in White-Wilkie Collins
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    Manda Scott: Boudica books

    Just wondering what you thought of these books if you have read them as I was considering buying and am interested in peoples opinions :)
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    The purpose of historical fiction

    I am a huge fan of historical fiction, preferably historically accurate though about the period in which it is written. I think it has a place in literature becuase not everyone wants to read a factual history book all the time, reading historical fiction is an escapism that can transport you to...
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    Simon Scarrow: The Eagle Serie

    I am currently reading the first in the series and enjoying the book. The pace is fast, it is a light read with a fair bit of humour in there too, granted the characters are not deep but it gives a good insight into military life at the time and is fairly historically accurate as far as I can...
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    Conn Iggulden: The Gates Of Rome

    now finished the gates of rome and onto the next book death of kings I am enjoying reading these books very much.
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    Thomas Hardy

    I will do, in fact I recently bought it so it is on the must read pile! :)
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    Has anyone read any books by Steven Saylor?

    I fancy reading the Roma sub Rosa series about Gordianus the finder, I wondered if they are worth reading :) ??
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    How well read are you?

    I have read a lot of books, I have read since I learned to read!!! but I feel the more you read the more you realise you haven't read and the list just keeps on growing of what you have read and what you want to read, it is an endless pursuit but a great one!
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    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    :) I'm sure I will!!!!!!! I love D H Lawrence so I am sure this will be a great read! Have been meaning to read this one for years but never got round to it!