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  1. jes6ica

    For fantasy writers

    Thanks for posting that. Sadly, they were unable to go forward, due to lack of good stories. Inceptus Press: Beneath A Violet Moon ... Update From their post: So...what was wrong with most of the stories? 1. Authors did not use spelllcheck. 2. Incomplete stories. A LOT of what we...
  2. jes6ica


    In the example you gave, it should be (with a few additional fixes): I held the peculiar object gently in both hands as if it were made of fine glass. One nervous spasm and it could drop, shattering into a million shards, onto the hard wood floor. In his deep voice, my father exclaimed, “Happy...
  3. jes6ica

    Historical Vocabularies

    There are a few out there, but usually you have to wade through many google hits to find them. :) Did you have a particular era and language in mind?
  4. jes6ica

    Are Christians book in?

    As was previously mentioned, there _is_ a niche for Christian fiction, but it is, I'm afraid, a very small one. Because it's a small market, it means an author's manuscript will have to be extremely good, and likely have some particular thing that really makes it stand out from the crowd. As...
  5. jes6ica

    new here-sorry if this has been done to death

    John gives some excellent advice. Getting an agent (and self-publishing as well) can be a long, hard slog, but that doesn't mean you should give up. Be persistent, and keep up your encouragement. If you feel that many rejections _could_ be due to perhaps some errors or inconsistencies in your...
  6. jes6ica

    Is it Cover or the Content that Sells the Book?

    I think the cover is important in book stores for that initial attraction. If I'm not familiar with the author, it's an intriguing title and cover that makes me pick up a book. However, it's the synopsis and blurbs on the back, and the first couple of paragraphs of the book that determine...
  7. jes6ica

    I'm looking for an editor

    Hi Jazzy, I know that some freelance copy editors (like me) will be willing to do a copy edit for a lower fee if the author can be very flexible with deadlines. I've done some work for several clients, for example, who simply cannot afford the regular fees in these poor economical times. It...
  8. jes6ica

    First Time Writer in Need of Advice

    Some important things to take into consideration before going directly to a publisher, however: -Make sure to have your manuscript copy edited. Agencies and publishers alike will toss a manuscript aside if there are too many errors. They go through so many manuscripts every day that they...
  9. jes6ica

    Solved - The Endless Pavement by Jacqueline Jackson

    The Endless Pavement Hi, Don't know if this is still relevant for you, but the book is The Endless Pavement by Jacqueline Jackson. I myself had a long and difficult hunt for the title of this one, but managed to find it in the end. Copies can be bought via Amazon.