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  1. novella

    Dogs, Cats, Rats...What Kind of Critters Do You Have?

    Yo, SFG, they just let me out. Novella
  2. novella

    Searches never work well

    I would have liked to entitle this thread "What's wrong with this site" but, of course I do not want to be so negative, so here it is: Searching for an author or a book brings an entire set of entire threads, rather than individual posts. That means that to find the relevant post, one must...
  3. novella

    Which Books Did You Read In February?

    What did you think of Atonement, Robert?
  4. novella

    I vant to have a session.

    I vant to have a session.
  5. novella

    Here's the Story: Marcia Brady's real horror

    Yo, it was real shanks, the BB was a real family, tho offstage. I hate to say that I also have FIVE bros and sis and dad's an architect an moms a flighty ho. I relate. Plus, I was kidding about understanding Maureen. She was wasted for the whole 70s. Read the book. Oh yeah. I was a...
  6. novella

    Here's the Story: Marcia Brady's real horror

    So I just read Here's the Story, which is Maureen M's total exposure of her horror life while being Marcia Brady. It was heart wrenching, to the point of pullin my heart out. Plus, it was true. Marcia had a messed up time, even though Greg probably hooked up with her in Hawaii. Some of the...
  7. novella

    One Fifth Avenue

    You guys are behind the times. I've read maybe five books that you all have no trace of since I was last here. Here's a list: I was going to review One Fifth, but what's the point when nobody's reading anything? One Fifth Avenue Girl with the Dragon Tattoo State by State The...
  8. novella

    Can you understand this?

    "If writing is words that come from within the inner truth of an ill spirit and yet that spirit can carry forth with beauty and strength, then you really should go to bed."
  9. novella


    More details on the suck chef book-- Doug Psaltis's memoir of how hot he is/was. Plus, he lies, the finding of which is bitter fun. Hey.
  10. novella


    I'm actually immersed in his Blood-Dark Track, because that novel Netherland was so fuckin faithful to NYC in many ways, so even though I don't usually do Anonymous Memoirs with no Apparent Angst, I had to get his book because he's got chops. Also, I just finished Somebody Rimington's...
  11. novella


    Plus, I'm so glad this site had reverted to its nerdy look, sans smiling girl-reader-chick. And brown.
  12. novella


    Ooof Oooh, I liked me too. How nice. Martin, how are the Netherlands? Have you read Joseph O'Neill's semi-eponymous book? I just finished it and I love him.
  13. novella

    Gene Hackman a jerk?

    Gene Hackman has more brilliant than your little finger put together.
  14. novella

    Running With Scissors

    Previous discussion on Running http://www.bookandreader.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6952&highlight=Scissors Why don't the mods do this?
  15. novella

    F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

    Even people who are at the heart of a society often don't have the distance nor the perception to describe their own social milieu.
  16. novella

    What Kind of Watch Do You Wear? (contains images)

    I've worn a Tag Heuer since I had a baby because they can go into any black hole of disgust and keep on ticking. Plus, I need to know what time is.
  17. novella

    alright let's do this.

    Litany is a yarn perv. That's why she tells dirty stories. Those are 'yarns'. But the act of crocheting is painful. And knitting is very very difficult indeed. Plus the product is not really what you want, is it? I'm more of a moire silk type person. Taffeta. Velveteen shoes. That sort...
  18. novella

    alright let's do this.

    Fug, I hate the way this has so easily turned into a knitporn site. Litany should be taken aside and whipped with long things. But, um, yeah, like hugs too. because I like that there's a weltanshaung and shit. okay. Here goes. I crocheted so many things that I CANT publicize because they are...
  19. novella

    post a list of your favorite bands

    Ramones , specially the sweet and ****-you, no big picture. Bill Evans Aimee Mann REM (but they are whiners) Jonathan Richman plus some funny punk asshole imitators Grant Lee Buffalo Counting Crows (only really desperate shit) Chopin (preludes and short pieces, early shoe) Lucinda Williams...
  20. novella

    alright let's do this.

    Oh, poor SFG. Crafts are not just for kiddles. I made a 12 foot long scarf last year. I think of it as a Survival Scarf, which can double as a blanket or a signal to aircraft.