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  1. Stewart

    Whoa, ads!

    Best hideous ad ever was on a tech forum I used at work, which went ad-crazy, so all these programming threads were filled up with picture links to mature dating sites. Certainly not safe for work. Ha.
  2. Stewart

    Whoa, ads!

    Yes, nothing is free to run. But what's wrong with a bit of philanthropy? Simple answer is to make them contextual. Book-related. People come here for books. Not random off-topic things.
  3. Stewart

    Mindf**k movies.

    Gozu is all out bizarre. And I'll say again that Last Year In Marienbad must find a place on the list, if only because it's all about memory and is a temporal and spatial jigsaw that can never really be solved.
  4. Stewart

    Whoa, ads!

    Nice. Didn't realise it was free. Now installed. But doesn't hide the fake threads that look so stupid and out of context.
  5. Stewart

    Whoa, ads!

    Whoa, ads! Everywhere. Sidebars; skimlinks; sponsored threads; banners, etc. There's a surefire way to kill a forum. The equivalent of reversing to make sure it's dead. This does feel like a step into the dark ages. Maybe we can put up some of these in potentially obtrusive areas: Or just...
  6. Stewart

    Postmoderism - Metafiction

    Probably best just to dive in, read, and get the sense of what postmodernism does. There's so many facets to it. Big list of examples here....Postmodern literature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. Stewart

    Questions re Bring Up the Bodies

    The international prize - a shadow of the Nobel - is for a body of work, rather than a single book.
  8. Stewart

    Want to star in your favourite novel?

    If it's just a simple search/replace job then there's going to be a need for complete rewrites. Replace my name with, for example, Jane Eyre and we have the problem that I now have boobs and the whole novel would have to be rewritten as I would spend most of the pages just playing with them.
  9. Stewart

    A Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop-ist Manifesto

  10. Stewart

    The 2011 Nobel Prize for literature

    Thanks for that. The shape's there and, from what I can gather, the vocabulary finds an equivalent. I was just comparing Fulton's translation of Song with that of Hass, and I feel the former was better. Makes me happy I have the Fulton translations. Fulton's first line, with the word gulls...
  11. Stewart

    The 2011 Nobel Prize for literature

    Beer Good, can you post up The Stones in the original Swedish? I'd be interested to see how Fulton has translated the poems...whether it's ideas, images rhythm, etc.
  12. Stewart

    Image Prompts

    What's with the large font?
  13. Stewart

    Old TV-New To You!

    Oh, yes. You do have to.
  14. Stewart

    The longest running bookshop...

    Try this for a book shop: That's the Selexyz Dominicanen in Maastricht.
  15. Stewart

    Foyles doing well, expanding

    I do hope the expansion accelerates a bit. We could do with a Foyles over the border, up here. It's the main bookish port of call when I'm down in London .
  16. Stewart

    Interested in Reviewing?

    There's a reason for that. While the 'industry' has grown and developed, it doesn't mean that the quality of self-published works has risen to some new level. Poor writers are poor writers. Author mills are unlikely to promote self-published works because they only expect to sell a few copies -...
  17. Stewart

    Richard Laymon: The Cellar

    I always got the impression that Laymon sat about his house, typing with one hand and masturbating with the other. Some of the novels I read were more like mad fantasias than anything really horrific (thinking of The Beast House[i] and [i]Blood Games in particular).
  18. Stewart

    Do You Believe in Previous or after Life?

    Flying Spaghetti Monster?
  19. Stewart

    The Bacon Ipsum Generator

    Sunny. Rainy. Modern. Dirty. Forward-looking, but dragging its heels in the past.
  20. Stewart

    The Bacon Ipsum Generator

    Must be streaky bacon, then.