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Search results

  1. Litany

    ebook reader comparisons-Which is the best?

    I got a 3G Kindle for my birthday and I love it. I've only had a quick play with the Sony in shops, so I can't really help with comparisons. Weight and size wise, it's ace. You can hold it in either hand and flip forwards/backwards through the book with your thumb, and it's slim enough your...
  2. Litany

    Patrick Ness:Monsters of Men:Chaos Walking

    I did a search on Patrick Ness, but nothing came up, which surprises me. I've just finished Monsters of Men and I'm feeling sad and there's no thread on it this just adds to the general upset. He may have ruined all other books for me, plus I keep thinking about puppies and getting teary...
  3. Litany

    Books with Genius Protagonists?

    My autobiography (yet to be written).
  4. Litany

    Books where trains are the stage?

    Iron Council - China Mieville. It's almost entirely train. What isn't train is Marxists. So if you like Marxists and you like trains and you like Marxists on trains it's a winner. However, if you're me and you like neither it's just dull. He should have called it Marxists on a Train...
  5. Litany

    guilty viewing

    I love Project Runway, but I sew so I can claim it's educational. Stuff that I know is crap but I watch anyway? Glee and Murder She Wrote. And then if I take time off work to Get Stuff Done I know I'll waste it watching crappy daytime telly. Mostly it's property shows, but there's the odd...
  6. Litany

    Anyone going to the 'Rally To Restore Sanity' or 'March To Keep Fear Alive'

    They're simply being thrifty. There is a recession on, you know.
  7. Litany

    Interesting yet bored

    Simon Schama's A History of Britain. There's just too much of it. We did interesting things, but far too many of them and involving too many people with similar names. Or the same name but different number.
  8. Litany

    Violent Sports

    And who says there's no such thing as a stupid question?
  9. Litany

    Violent Sports

    Maybe we should take it outside then. We'll need a large paddling pool or similar.
  10. Litany

    Violent Sports

    Will there be loin cloths?
  11. Litany

    Violent Sports

    Only if it's mud wrestling.
  12. Litany

    Violent Sports

    It's protective against Parkinson's.
  13. Litany

    Violent Sports

    I know plenty of people forced to play rugby as children, and I know of one school that had compulsory boxing.
  14. Litany

    Novels About Social/Ethical Issues

    If you need something more topical, there's 334 by Thomas Disch. It deals with overpopulation and how the government prevents the 'wrong' sort of people breeding. Not an easy read though.
  15. Litany

    American Literature Recommendations

    American literature?
  16. Litany

    Moving in with someone: who's doing the moving?

    It's more of a what than a who.
  17. Litany

    JK Rowling being sued for plagiarism

    That's because the other crazy dude is crazy. This one totally wrote Harry Potter and anyone who says otherwise is a hater.
  18. Litany

    JK Rowling being sued for plagiarism

    I believe you!
  19. Litany

    Moving in with someone: who's doing the moving?

    1500 miles in which direction?
  20. Litany

    Moving in with someone: who's doing the moving?

    Then I propose putting his name in the swear filter. Sub it with Mr Mittens.