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  1. dollymixture

    How do you like your coffee?

    Mmm coffee, if I'm drinking at home I keep it simple, strong, black and sugary. If I'm venturing out I like to try and shake things up and try something new, but I guess I'll often go for a Mocha, which I get mocked for mercilessly by my boyfriend: "What? That's not coffee, it's hot chocolate!"
  2. dollymixture

    Do you read in the toilet, and what reading material usually goes in there?

    It pleases me to know I am not the only one who occasionally reaches for the nearest deodorant can/bubble bath/ shampoo to read the labels, I thought it was just me!
  3. dollymixture

    Peter Ackroyd: Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem

    I see I am resurrecting an old post here, but has anyone else read this? I'm reading it currently and finding it quite bizzare. I'm just over halfway through. Can anyone tell me whether the 'Analytical Engine' is massively important to the plot line? I've tried reading it a few times and it...
  4. dollymixture

    Today I'm Happy because....

    Today I am happy because I got much better grades than I was expecting on my Atwood and Plath essays! :D
  5. dollymixture

    Hello there! I'm Riley

    Hi Riley, welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing you around on the boards :flowers:
  6. dollymixture

    Famous people pick literary favourites

    That was merely an oversight. If I could edit my post I'd put Tolstoy in too, I just didn't think. It wasn't any comment on what I think of Tolstoy, or of those who read him.
  7. dollymixture

    Famous people pick literary favourites

    Interesting link, beer good. I know what you mean about the urge to raise an eyebrow when people proclaim authors such as Dickens and Tolstoy as their all-time favourites. I think it's to do with wanting to look knowledgable (though obviously Dickens will be some people's favourite). This...
  8. dollymixture

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Today these two arrived in the post: Birdman - Mo Hayder Wormwood - Poppy Z. Brite I haven't heard good things about them, Birdman particularly, but they're for a course, but it will be nice to give something I don't usually read a try.
  9. dollymixture

    Hello everybody!

    Welcome to the forums! :) Hope you like it here.
  10. dollymixture

    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    I'm in the high-tower, with Mary Fisher and gorgeous man-servant Garcia.
  11. dollymixture

    The today I'm irritated by __________ thread

    Sorry to revive the irritate thread for the first time in 2009, but I'm irritated by REVISION, and my tutor's refusal to explain the rubric to anyone!!!
  12. dollymixture

    Alternating Genres?

    Because a lot of my reading at the moment is for uni, I am constantly alternating my attention between different genres. This coming semester it will be modern Gothic fiction, Bronte and Dickens, and a course called 'gender and contemporary fiction' (fay weldon, joan riley, alice munro etc.). I...
  13. dollymixture

    Hello Ms. Wilde, how are we today? :)

    Hello Ms. Wilde, how are we today? :)
  14. dollymixture

    Hello all

    Welcome to the forum! :)
  15. dollymixture

    Fay Weldon: The Life & Loves of a She Devil

    I'm a short way into this book now - it's good so far. I can't believe that only four chapters in I'm finding I completely despise Bobbo.... can't wait to read more!!
  16. dollymixture

    Today I'm Happy because....

    Thanks guys :)
  17. dollymixture

    The Dark Knight

    I got this on DVD for Christmas after pester-powering my boyfriend for months on end :) LOVE it.
  18. dollymixture

    Today I'm Happy because....

    Today I am SO happy because I got my dissertation bound and handed in. FINISHED. :D
  19. dollymixture

    Besides Reading what other hobbies do you have????

    cooking :) i am a vegetarian and love love LOVE making veggie dishes and surprising my omnivorous friends with them.
  20. dollymixture

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    The Lives and Loves of a She Devil by Fay Weldon