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  1. amanda_ecj

    Any recommendations for a friend?

    My interests match your friends very closely and I recently started reading books by Harlan Coben and they are excellent. I just started his series based on the character Myron Bolitar and its intriguing so far. The one that I read that really got me interested in his writiting, though, was Gone...
  2. amanda_ecj

    Extraterrestrials make human beings on remote world

    Could you possibly describe the premise of the books a little more clearly? I may be able to help if you can
  3. amanda_ecj

    You favorite place to read?

    Definitely gree with the traveling to work, I am always reading when I'm on the bus :)
  4. amanda_ecj

    You favorite place to read?

    My absolute favourite place to read is my cottage, its so peaceful and quiet there (not even road access). But at home it is pretty much wherever is comfortable at the time :)
  5. amanda_ecj


    just wondering if there is a way that I can change my username, I got married and I will be officially changing my last name shortly so I am trying to get everything changed and my current username won't make sense anymore :) if anyone could assist that would be great :)
  6. amanda_ecj

    Mobile App Update

    I actually did notice how great it looks now :) thank you for the response!
  7. amanda_ecj

    Changing my perspective on Stephen King

    The Dark Tower series is phenomenal. I definitely agree that every reader nerds to give his stuff a try :) I think it's sad that there is such a stereotype believed about his writitng!
  8. amanda_ecj

    Mobile App Update

    I am trying to find the forum on tapatalk and I am having a hard time, can anyone help?
  9. amanda_ecj

    E-book Etiquette?

    I have to agree with some of the posts here mentioning the type of device you are using as an e-reader. I use a Kobo Glo and the only thing on it are my ebooks. So honestly if someone was at my house and picked it up to see what I had on it or what I was reading I would not be bothered by it at...
  10. amanda_ecj

    New Mobile App Update Coming

    Is there any word on an app for the BB10
  11. amanda_ecj


    I would like to ask you all some advice about dreaming. I know a lot of people want to be able to dream vividly and remember their dreams but o am sick of it. My dreams are full of my fears and insecurities and I have no idea how to stop them. Most nights I wake up feeling as though I have...
  12. amanda_ecj

    Introducing the Book & Reader Android App

    The only thing I seem to be having a problem with on my phone is seeing my profile or anyone else's. I don't know of that is just my phone or the app. Just wondering if anyone else is having that problem? Sent from my HTC One V using Book And Reader mobile app
  13. amanda_ecj

    What Did You Read in Elementary School?

    A really good series that I read when I was younger is called "Pendragon"...I actually still enjoy them now but they are geared towards young adult readers :) I hope that helps Sent from my HTC One V using Book And Reader mobile app
  14. amanda_ecj

    Help! Can't remember book...

    Definitely sounds like Shutter Island to me...is the protagonist a detective of some sort?
  15. amanda_ecj

    Introducing the Book & Reader Android App

    Just wondering if you will be working on anything for the blackberry? Sent from my HTC One V using Book And Reader mobile app
  16. amanda_ecj

    Speed reading?

    I don't think there is really a proper way to read. I read for enjoyment and I wouldn't want anyone telling me I am doing it wrong. If someone wants to speed read they should be able to and if someone wants to read as slow as a snail that's their choice. Just my opinion though :) Sent from my...
  17. amanda_ecj

    Introducing the Book & Reader Android App

    I am so happy about this app! I have been waiting for it forever. I was actually thinking today about posting something about getting an app for it! :) Sent from my HTC One V using Book And Reader mobile app
  18. amanda_ecj

    Which e-reader do you own?

    I have the Kobo Touch right now and I love it. However, I do really want to get the Kobo Glo so that I don't need to get a separate light for travelling at night or reading in bed when my significant other is sleeping :) I prefer the e-ink to a screen every day.
  19. amanda_ecj

    HPV Vaccine

    I wish I could be Libra! And thanks Isabell :)
  20. amanda_ecj

    Real Crime

    Thanks for the recomendations guys :) I recently started Every Move You Make by M. Wliiams Phelps It got me interested in them. Any more suggestions are welcome :)